You will no longer be able to fool anyone, WhatsApp will tell you where you are in real time

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WhatsApp is luckily or unfortunately, the most used messaging application worldwide. In our country – Spain – is practically the only one that is used, since Telegram despite being quite superior, does not manage to reach the download figures of WhatsApp.

We all know that WhatsApp has an option for your contacts to know that you have read their messages but you do not feel like answering them and now you want to go a little further. The real-time location will soon become a reality in WhatsApp, and we still do not understand what sense it has.

WhatsApp will tell you where you are in real time

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As we read in Engadget WhatsApp is testing a beta on Android and iOS with this feature. The operation is quite simple, since it basically does what we have told you.

For 1, 2 or 5 minutes, WhatsApp will tell you what your exact location is in real time. It is curious that this function, for the moment, will only be enabled in groups, so you should not fear for individual chats. As expected, you can disable this feature, otherwise it would be a serious – and illegal – attack to the users of the application.

We assume that the meaning of this measure is to provide members of a group with your location, in case you want to stay with them at a specific point. For the moment, if it can be disabled and if it is reduced to groups it should not give too many problems.

However, keep an eye out for updates to WhatsApp, as we would not be surprised if updating this option will be activated by default and your location will be shared without you being aware of it.

And you, what do you think of WhatsApp implement this new option in Android and iOS?

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