What Causes Earthquakes Army in Nepal?

Earthquake in Nepal that the 7.8 magnitude at a depth of 15 kilometers a shallow earthquake as a result of plate collision. “In tectonics, Nepal region is formed of the Indian continental plate collision that goes under the Eurasian continent with a speed of 45 millimeters per year,” said the doctor of geoscience expert from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Irwan Meilano, told Tempo , Sunday, April 26, 2015.

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What Causes Earthquakes Army in Nepal?

An earthquake occurred on Saturday, April 25th last, it has a reverse fault mechanism with maximum shift in the field of earthquake reached 4 meters. Broad field that shifts it reaches 160 x 120 kilometers.

“The shock is felt reaching intensity IX or guncangannya so hard that destroyed the buildings are built without the rules of good engineering,” he said.

Previously, according to Irwan, in 1934, Nepal never been shaken by an earthquake similar to the scale 8 on the Richter scale. “After 80 years, maybe they forgot it ever happened,” he said.

In addition to generating earthquake, the continental plate collision of India and Eurasia in the past it also gave rise to the Himalayas. “But not a volcano because it was not the result of tunjaman plate,” said the expert in the earthquake.

Previously reported, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale that rocked Nepal on Saturday local time resulted in more than 1,800 people died. Though most scientists and geologists have predicted this earthquake. A week earlier, about 50 geologists and earthquake experts from various parts of the world met in Kathmandu, Nepal.

They talk about the geological conditions of Nepal are vulnerable to major earthquakes. Nepal they believe the massive earthquake in 1934 that killed more than 20 thousand people will recur.

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