Using Facebook on your mobile device without installing the application


Facebook is the most used social network in the world, it is no secret. The problem is that, despite having that range, their mobile applications are worse than a kick in the back, and consume a huge amount of resources, spend the battery and make our phone worse. It’s something we all know, and in fact the server that writes these lines has already done the experiment of using the mobile version of Facebook. Today we are going to teach you in video what our experience has been and how to do it.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are what are called “vampire applications”. They consume resources from our device even when we are not using them. That’s why we decided to uninstall both applications and test the mobile version. How can you use Facebook without installing the application? Well, by opening your browser and accessing Easy and simple. Do you want to see what the change is like? Well inside video.

As you can see, the web version has nothing to envy the mobile app. If you do not want to have to be opening the browser every time you want to access Facebook, you simply have to add a shortcut on your desktop. So, every time you want to access Facebook you save yourself a couple of steps. What is the problem? That Facebook has covered the function of Messenger, so you can not send messages – although there is a trick.

When you click on the Messenger icon you will be taken to Google Play for download, but that is not what we want. Is more simple. If you have a message that responds, you just have to tell your browser to show you the computer version, and you can access Messenger and respond to your messages. It has no greater mystery. If you want to notice a good improvement in the performance of your terminal, go ahead and uninstall Facebook, you will see what change.

How do you like to browse Facebook?

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