Tips on Dealing with Earthquakes

Indonesia is one country that is prone to earthquakes. Earthquake insurance california unfortunately the earthquake disaster is one of the very unpredictable when it comes from and how his powers. Nevertheless, there are some simple tips in an earthquake either before, during or after the occurrence of earthquake. before we know the tips before the earthquake we have to pay attention to important matters related to the main earthquake.

among others recognize the so-called earthquake. In addition, make sure the structure and location of the house or building can be protected from the dangers caused by the earthquake. The other thing is to evaluate and re renovating your building structure in order to avoid other earthquake hazard is to recognize the environment in which to work and live. For example, consider the location of doors, elevators and emergency stairs, in the event of an earthquake, already know the safest place to take cover.

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Then learn to do P3K and use a fire extinguisher. And do not forget to record important phone numbers to be contacted in the event of an earthquake needs to be done is to prepare the home state in order to minimize the impact of the earthquake. For example, furniture such as cabinets arranged cabinet attached to the wall by means of nailed or tied. How to avoid falling, collapsing, shifting in the event earthquake.

do well to store flammable materials in places that are not easily broken, to avoid the fire. Always turn off the water, gas and electricity when not what needs to be done is to set up a heavy object as far as possible on the bottom. Check the stability of objects depends to fall when earthquake.

what if during the earthquake? There are some tips in case earthquake. some situations you are in a building or home. If there is an earthquake to protect the head and body of the rubble by hiding under a table or other object that can withstand the pressure. In addition, look for the safest place on the ruins of the shock. And wherever possible running out if they can . are outside the building or open area. If there is an earthquake to avoid the buildings in the surrounding buildings, utility poles, trees and others. Note beachhead in case of fracture .avoid’re driving.

If an earthquake happens out or down and away from the car to avoid if there is a shift. Looking for the safest place on the ruins of the shock. Never stop on the bridge! If you live or are on the beach, stay away from the beach to escape the tsunami to seek higher ground or building that is strong enough and higher.If live in mountainous areas, in the event of an earthquake avoid the possible avalanche areas. other tips are tips after the earthquake. The first tip if it is located within the building. What to do if it is in this situation is out of the building with tertib.

proficiency level using escalators or elevators, use the stairs usual. Check if there are injured, do P3K. Phone and call for help in case of severe injury to you or around Besides being it should also examine the surrounding environment such as when the event . Check the event of a gas leak and short circuit. Check the flow and water pipes.

Check out all the things that may be harmful as not turning off the power and api. be avoided after the earthquake is not to go into a building that has been an earthquake, because the possibility is still there ruins. Do not walk around the earthquake zone, the possibility of the danger of aftershocks still ada. listen to information about earthquake of radio or other information. This is to avoid the event of aftershocks.

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