Tips on choosing a cheap android phone as needed

If you are new plans to buy an android phone, of course you need to choose a product that suits your needs, because a lot of us who do not understand how to choose android phone that is true, so only buy products with a price guide, there is a search for android phone and Availability the starting price of 200 thousands, and there is also seeking android phone the most expensive up to 7 millions for the trend, it would be better if you buy an android smartphone to fit your needs at this time, because basically buying an expensive product without we use functions and the main advantages that exist in the product, the same as mobile phones and others.

tips on choosing a cheap android phone as needed

tips on choosing the android phone which there are some tips for choosing hp android neither cheap nor expensive according to your needs of each, actually how to choose android according to the needs is not difficult, just that some people do not understand the usefulness and advantages in each device android phone they want, so that makes them feel tough,

  • note chipset in use
  • ram on the device
  • the size of the camera
  • multimedia features
  • battery capacity
  • screen size
  • internal memory
  • os version

Above is the main thing that needs to consider to choose the best android phone to the needs of each of us, that the above explanation of the main functions as follows.

along gpu chipset that is in use on a device will determine the performance of ponsela hasi you buy, yet you do not have to buy a phone that has a high when mobile phone chipset to be purchased only in use for telepon.sms, and browsing the Internet as open facebook and others, as a chipset does not significantly affect the performance of the above, the chipset only affects the version of the oS in use, and performance of a device when you play high quality android games.

 ram on your device – ram can determine the performance of a device, you can see the samsung note 3 that has the ram super high dam also try you view the phone’s android below 1 million, the average ram used 512 mb, there is even a 256 mb, if the phone you use to phone, sMS and browsing I think the ram has no effect, if you like to install / run android applications are many and games that much, of course ram in need is very high, have you met an android phone slow, when in the press the menu key emerging need some time, and when playing a game, the game moves very slow, not like normal, it was caused by a low ram features on the device

the size of the camera – in contrast to 2005 camera phones in use on each phone cangih still low which is only about 2-3 mp, this time the camera on existing android phones that reached above 10 MP.kamera become one of the important things when you are choosing a mobile phone android, due to its high capacity of the camera is in use on the device could produce much better quality, and for those of you who like to take pictures of this could have been a major factor, high camera can not see the total of the existing pixels,

However the results of the camera if a camera can produce 1920x1080p, then its results will be comparable to the results of upscale camera more, 1920 × 1080 is the result of the image or the best video or known by word full hd, not only on the pixel note also on the feature in the camera, there must be a lED flash, Imaga stabilizer and auto focus, this is the second thing you need to consider when buying an android phone if you love to take pictures dar i device, if you feel never use the camera on your device, like me: D, then I suggest you simply looking for a 3.1 mp camera that is equipped LED flash to complement and trends.

features multimedia – multimedia features that I am referring to here is the connection that is available on the device, for users in Indonesia seems to me looking for a phone that supports 3G network wrote, do not need to 4G, because in Indonesia the 3G network just is not stable internet speed, if the phone android course you are looking for a phone that is equipped wifi because that can be used to divide the network hotspot / wifi divider device to another, yet if you merasa.nfc is a connection with sending large files quick and simple, yet upscale smart phones only that have this feature, and a lot of users, one user notes 3 that they send a file using bluetooth to other phones that already support NFC, NFC functioned when sending files to the device within seconds lain.multimedia account the very important for you who like to send files to various devices and more.

battery capacity – for some people maybe it’s not important, yet for those of you who are often outside the home / field, of course, must look for android phones that have the capacity and battery life is high, because cell phone android os famous with the level of battery consumption is high, unless the android os version 4.4 kitkat

 screen size – if an android phone you want to use to play the game any better you buy a tablet PC, the screen size depending on the user, not bound, yet if a device is only used for telephony, multimedia, and more, will be either you choose a screen size of 5 inches, because it is well suited to be used for gaming, telephony and other multimedia.

Internal memory – memory in-built on android phone, if users like to install a lot of applications and games I suggest using an android phone which has an internal capacity of 16 or 32 gb.karena android applications normally only be installed internally to the above version 4.3 memori.kecuali android jelly bean, yet if you do not think to install applications and other exciting games, the memory can be freely selected internel as low as possible

android os version – many users are looking for the latest mobile phone android os version, perhaps because of the look and features more komplit.namum need to know Androdi jelly bean os 4.1 version already has a pretty good display, and already support a variety of games, applications and luxurious look , we do not have to use the phone android os version 4.4, if a cell phone is only used to play games, to install a variety of applications and many more, as the latest os only have change the look and menu, if you want to follow the trend of simply looking for a phone that has a os version of android jelly bean

I personally only some of the above need to be noticed to choose android phone which is nice and suitable for individual needs .personal products according to your needs, if you think you already have more money does not hurt to buy an android phone the ultimate price with the highest specifications and best like samsung s5

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