Tips for Choosing a Good ANDROID SMARTPHONE & Durability

Most of the people are now turning to the mobile phone that uses the android system, not without reason in addition to having an attractive design and prices vary widely android smartphone also has many advanced applications that friends can use as much possible for everyday needs or you can also take advantage of for business purposes. Of some kind of android smartphones already in circulation would have different specifications depending on the type and brand, so if you want to buy the smartphone is the absolute carefulness when choosing a smartphone would you have, do not let friends disappointed afterwards.


Here we would provide the How To Select Android Good for you, so that if one day my friend wanted to buy a mobile phone at least you understand what are the important things to consider before buying a smartphone android. There are some tips on choosing a good android before buying, and everything was very influential on smatrphone itself.

Things that should be considered before buying android is intended that the friends are not affected by the price of a cheap android as well as a unique shape, the article it does not guarantee the quality of the android itself. Impact buy android wrong usually will rapidly develop the damage, HP fast heat, or systems that slow / ngelag. And here are the important things before buying android for you:

How to Choose Good Quality Android:

How to choose android first good you have to pay attention to the brand of the phone itself, meaning the smartphone would you buy must clear their brands and if you can buy a phone directly from the gallery of brands (store brands of android) itself, it is in order if the smartphone that you buy one day there is a problem you can come to the gallery phone to inquire.

GPU (Graphic Organizer)
It’s crucial to pick a good android second GPU. This GPU functions as a regulator of graphics on smartphones, such as mobile phone image display, the game display, or display the video player. The better the GPU on a mobile phone then the better the quality of the graphics, and if friends want to know the list of the best GPU you can see it (here) .

CPU (Brain Android)

The important thing in choosing the next good android you should note CPU, as well as on the computer’s CPU to function as a regulator or the brain of the android itself, and its role is very important. For a good android minimum CPU is dual core.

How to choose a good Android smartphone next is RAM. In choosing a try at least 1GB of RAM, this in order to maintain the balance of the mobile phone while it is running multitasking by the user, or you can also use the Application Enhancer Ram to your mobile phone.

How to choose a good android and durable fifth is on the battery, as the battery of a smartphone as well as the life, the article without the phone battery will not live. Choose a smartphone that has a minimum of 2000mAh battery, it is to be used for a long time. You can also read the list Battery Saving Android Most Recent.

It is important in selecting a good android number six is the Internet network. This network has an important function for browsing the Internet, the mobile phone network using the Internet is good, then the internet connection will also be fast, you can choose android HSDPA or LTE network. But if one day you experience performance degradation android browsing or slow internet connection you can see How to Accelerate Internet Connection HP Up Like New Again.

The camera also is important to choose a good and durable android, the article with this camera you can capture an important moment in your life, especially if your friends do like selfie, hmm it seems to be choosing a phone with a good camera. And for android phones owned camera should be at least 5MP, either front or rear.

Display or Screen
And things to consider before buying a good android is on the display or screen, choose the screen size according to the needs. Do not pick the phone screen that has a large size because it would be inconvenient, but not too small as well as going to the trouble when typing. For the quality of the screen itself we recommend are already using IPS type, and has a multitouch features.

That How to Select a Good Android Smartphone which we can pass, hopefully with this information your friends can get the best smartphone later. Also see How To Track Android Lost , where we serve.

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