This Is ‘Iron Fist’, The New Marvel Series On Netflix

Netflix debuts the 13 episodes of ‘Iron Fist’ globally. Netflix debuts the 13 episodes of ‘Iron Fist’ worldwide.
After ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage’ the streaming platform focuses its attention on another urban hero, Iron Fist.

‘Daredevil’ was a before and after in the world of television superheroes. There were other series before, but none with the quality of the Man without fear. With its performance and its adult theme, it showed that superheroes can have series that leave their mark, capable of competing with large productions. After the blind justice lawyer came the turn of ‘Jessica Jones’, a woman able to lift a car with her own hands. Like ‘Daredevil’, this one also had a great villain, Purple Man, that turned the life of the heroine into an epic that kept the viewer in suspense until its end.

But Netflix was not going to be left alone there. I wanted to rescue in the real image the Defenders, a group of heroes of Marvel that guarded by the neighborhood New York Hell’s Kitchen. While the Avengers faced cosmic enemies in the movie theaters, this group would deal with less spectacular and closer threats. Thus, in the plans of the company appeared two new members for the group: Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The first one had its own series, which portrayed a Harlem dominated by a crime boss and his sister, in a series that advocated the presence of the black population. Now there was only one, Iron Fist, known in Spain as Iron Fist. But the series has not started well. It was the first of the five released by Netflix (counting the second of ‘Daredevil’) that has obtained a greater negative criticism. Also, nonsense discussions on Twitter led the main actor, Finn Jones, to leave the social network, although days later he retracted and returned. All this has only fueled a negative image of his first season. But it is far from being real.

‘Iron Fist’ is a series very different from the previous ones. To the point that during its first chapters the superhero theme is reduced to mere references. It is the story of a young man who seeks his place in a society that is not the one he remembered.

Everyone thought the Rand was dead when their plane crashed into the mountains of China. What nobody expected was that 15 years later the little one of the family, Danny, appeared again in a New York that has nothing to do with the one that he knew. The gigantic company whose father was a major shareholder, Rand, is now in the hands of his partner’s children. They repudiate the newcomer for considering him a threat or for not believing in his story. There is no apparent physical evidence that can link the new Danny Rand with its children’s version.

This is the initial premise of ‘Iron Fist’. A missing young man who returns years later and wants to recover what he owns, costs what it costs. But leaving aside business, Rand has a secret that although at first does not hide, many do not conceive it: it is an Iron Fist, a warrior created with the goal of defeating La Mano, a criminal organization that we have already heard Talk in the other series, especially in ‘Daredevil’.

The young man was rescued after the plane crash by a group of monks who inhabited the extradimensional city of K’un-Lun (Marvel plays here, as in ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Dr. Strange’, with parallel dimensions ). There, he was trained to become a warrior whose ability is to transform his fist into an authentic weapon capable of breaking through or breaking anything.

This aspect will become more important in the series as the chapters advance and introduce us to new characters, like his companion of adventures Colleen Wing or one of the classic villains of the comic.

The essence of comics is maintained and adaptation, although with variations, is quite faithful. Iron Fist was created by Marvel in 1974 when the martial arts movies were in full swing. A hero whose fists were pure iron, with stories that went from less to more to the team for several years with Power Man (Luke Cage).

The difference of style of ‘Iron Fist’ compared to the other three series of Netflix is ​​a detail that we have to thank Netflix. Although you also have to pull your ears for offering some pretty mediocre special effects for a series of this level. For the moment, the 13 episodes that count the first season serve to know and see the evolution of the fourth member of The Defenders, series that will reach throughout 2017 to the digital platform.

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