Taking Care of the Body According to Age

Skin is the outermost part of the body that protects our body. So, care should be taken care of. Caring for body skin not only based on skin type only, but also based on age. Different ages require different treatments. Since childhood should the body skin has been treated, such as diligent cleaning the skin, using lotions on the skin, and eat fruits and vegetables to nourish the skin.

Exercise and healthy lifestyle plays an important role in your skin condition, many benefits are obtained by exercising regularly such as cleaning the pores of the dirt, the skin becomes tighter so as to prevent wrinkles and when you exercise then you will feel Thirst so that by drinking the body will not lack of fluids and make your skin fresher. Adjust the sports you do with your current age to get maximum benefit because excessive exercise will adversely affect your body and skin.

In addition to special skin care you can adjust your age in each way. Let’s see how to care for body skin according to the following age.

1. Age 20s

Age 20s is an age with a very good skin appearance and fast. This is because the hormone production in our body is still balanced. When skin care our body starts from this age, later on our body skin will be more healthy and beautiful. To treat body skin at this age use a moisturizing product containing SPF. For facial skin use toner and cleanser that can renew skin cells, brighten, and also balance skin pH.

2. Age 30s

At this age, usually some women experience premature aging. Some signs of premature aging begin to appear, such as fine wrinkles in certain parts. Premature aging usually occurs due to unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, stress, or sun exposure. These factors can make the production of collagen in the body decreases so the skin becomes wrinkled and relaxed.

For skin care bodies according to the age of 30s, we must keep using moisturizer and sunscreen to protect the skin. In addition, we can also use some products to reduce wrinkles on the skin. Wearing masks and peels can to lift dead skin cells on the face. Skin products containing PHA can help the formation of new skin cells.

3. Age 40s

At the age of 40s, the skin has begun to show aging. Wrinkles and spots have started to appear. To keep skin care according to age 40an, use antiaging cream. When on our skin has started to appear black spots, we can use the product spot corrector.