Outbound in Malang

Kota Batu in the popular neighborhood to many things that do not visit the rock jatimpark screet Zoo, Museum of Transportation, Wildlife Museum, as well as among the most important trip unforgettable, and which are not recommended Outbound Malang Travel Malang.


Photo melancong alone abroad may be poor kidney vacation word thanks Shooting training will have a good personal qualities and is responsible for convincing and can not be a holiday.


 Outbound Malang flood shoddy work trips is abroad in sharing the same thing with your passion, there are some steps Songgoriti, Selecta, Coban Rondo, Coban Rais, and there are several providers of shame because we were looking for open spaces and fits naturally with people we.


Outbound Malang, is not the most important thing for businesses, students and families can partially avail Outbound Outbound Malang Malang sure exercise and a sense of responsibility to use as much as possible to promote.

 We have an attractive tour packages to try, especially rafting, paintball events and Airsoft Gun. even with their own price for the package as well as this sort of thing certainly a good plus. Outbound Malang such as rafting rides first trained the longest distance in the stone town, 12 km to the leader in the pass happy.
 Outbound Malang: one for the attractions we offer bad in some group companies as well as universities in Indonesia trust. Overview objects to travel abroad a shame because we had the same room with your needs today and show that we can use to set up and equipment out.
 airsoft and paintball guns game, this weapon so interesting on the subject of the war in Tim Mock, plastic balls sparing natural hazards.
Games in each kegiata outbound Malang not just for fun only tablets, you will be motivated to further the spirit and unyielding face segqara problems and obstacles in your work and your daily life.

Outbound travel Batu Malang

East Java Province, Java or the Java language that is Etan Java. East Java has nine cities and 29 counties. Many cities in East Java, a group that includes the major cities in Indonesia, namely Malang and Surabaya. Surabaya is the biggest metropolis after Jakarta-2, this city has always been so problems from morning until evening.




Also outbound Malang, a town named national college football Arema stay. Malang is a city with a demonstrable track record in education and training. Can be successfully Arek Arek Malang, academia and visible international arena.


Except for the promotion of education in Malang, this tour can be so unfair. Malang and Surabaya, which is essentially one big city, so many attractions that can be enjoyed by visitors. most big trip, such as playgrounds, historic visits as well as in the production of multifunctional playground with a variety of attractions.


 Selaian Well, your trip, based on the characteristics of the room and Malang. The presence in Java, one where you can enjoy in East Java. You can not have the same beroutbound in outbound Malang City and East Java.


Several major tourist object and outbound tourism Malang in East Java, while on vacation or exciting trips. Some of the visitors will spoil you and make you lazy left East Java. Outbound Travel East Java to offer service is ready to serve in all the cities in East Java.


 Instructors complete system, as well as manage your first experience as a professional mediator. This event is no less packed with some great practical as well as pulling out.


There are also specials to make improvements in this way, in their own view, the course is designed for leadership, self-confidence, as well as the composition of the working team game. Well, if you seem fit breeder reunification atauya to decorate things.
Once cried right along with family beriwisata outbound Malang? In addition to the fun and enjoyment you will also lebihy motivated to succeed and passion in living npekerjaan or your routine.

Outbound Pujon Malang

Outbound Pujon Malang


Namely Pujon One in Malang regency, ON altitude 1. 100 mtr .. As above sea level, surrounded by mountains, including Mount Blue Mountain Argowayang Also Monte Gentong Growah, Dworowati Mountains, Kukusan, Mount Parangklakah, Gunung Kawi, Mount Cemoro Cage and Monte Anjasmoro.


 Pujon has abundant natural resources, as well as livestock. Singer Pujon see most large perncaharian communes and peasant farmers. Even with good quality singers location known as a producer of dairy cows.
 natural resources also have a variety of nature Pujon, Coban Rondo actually known among them. With the exception of Coban Rondo, a small portion of new Tripsta places like Coban Manten, Central Coban, Sumber Pitu, Tretes And Coban supit Urang visible.
Natural Sanagta intention to make revisions activities OPERATING ACTIVITIES her hat as outbound Malang. Many events in the channel in Coban Rondo, etc. After the cold mountains of charm and a natural destination nan Pujon pleasing to the eye as an alternative for a review of the trip.
 Outbound Malang Pujon alternative travel out Nature Cold review pegununga OR mempesonan nan. To Pujon itself so easily because the fence Main Line Malang and Jombang to connect.


Outbound Malang Youtube

Singer millennium, the complexity of the technology for review as an alternative explanation for the human mass WORK. A variety of cutting-edge technology, the most practical work as well as efficient forward. that one until you see the product technology Foundry audio, video, Internet users and hear YouTube videos.
 It ACTIVITIES Various youtube, done Lupu documented heart. ACTIVITY documentation Outbound Malang youtube Exodus in interesting contents. ITU material is now beginning to Hearts game Outbound Malang and Batu out and make revisions partly Outbound Malang attractions.
Info that inspiration as well as the price of the ADA. Everything Sufficient quantity: There are Many users form of Video, Internet website, not simply, but “can quickly Outbound Malang Joint Nature Adventure Watch Bakti we also joy.

Outbound Malang Location

Outbound Malang Location

There are so many places outbound in the malang eastern Java, but do you know where the outbound malang location outbound most epic and the best in Malang. Only we know, yuk

  1. Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti

Travel Songgoriti Stone also is one of the Recreation in Kota Batu. Garden tours Songgoriti better known by the name of Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti Baths. Songgoriti Tourism Park located at the foot of the mountain a lot, Jl.Songgoriti Batu Malang Songgokerto precisely in the Village, Batu. In Songgoriti travel you will be able to enjoy the pool, outbound, hot water bath, charming gardens, hot water lake, the tomb of Mbah Pathok or Professor Supo historic and tourism market Songgoriti Batu selling some crafts / souvenirs made by Songgoriti neighborhood residents and a large parking area.

In addition to providing a tourist attraction, here also provides historic attractions are Temple Songgoriti that the kingdom of Majapahit. The opening hours of these attractions starting at 7:00 a.m. to 17:00 for Songgoriti comprehensive travel area is suitable for outbound Songgoriti malang event.

outbound malang

Besides extensive facilities are also available flying fox, spider web and a two-line bridge. So the outbound Songgoriti unfortunate event more exciting. Come soon try outbound Songgoriti poor with us No Limit Outbound Adventure. For more information also visit our website at trainingoutboundmalang.com


  1. Selecta Recreation Park Malang

Selecta recreational park is one of the favorite tourist spots in the area of ​​Malang, precisely in Kota Batu. Tourist attractions this one is very beautiful, especially for you who want to travel together with your partner.

Wah certainly interesting. Additionally in selecta also provided an arena for outbound activity. There is also the facility of flying fox. Selecta recreational park located in Tulungrejo Batu-Malang. About 10 minutes from Alun – alun Kota Batu travel.

Decorated with a flower garden and a beautiful hillsides. Selecta recreational park is perfect for those who want meyegarkan mind for a moment. Extensive recreation park area, so it supports to be used as outbound area selecta malang.Tunggu what else, immediately fill’s your final holiday together Outbound selecta malang.


  1. Nature Coban Rondo Waterfall

Pujon is a district that is included in Malang, East Java province, Indonesia. About 30 km from the center of Malang mebutuhkan time of 1.5 hours. One and a half hour trip on the guarantee you will not be bored, because you will be in suguhkan green and lush scenery.

There are so many tourist attractions, especially nature. As Coban Rondo, Central Coban, Coban Manten (which are in a tourist area), Source Pitu, Baths Dewi Sri, and the new – was recently launched Coban Supit Urang located in the village of Persil, Pujon, Malang.

One of such nature ecotourism, whose place mendukund for Outbound Pujon Malang is Wana Coban Rondo. With a total area of ​​± 90 hectares, you will certainly free to do various activities.

Here are a variety of places outbound references in the epic malang eastern Java and most excellent in Malang. Anyway not going to be disappointed deh choose a place as a tourist destination on outbound malang you. Come game together list your holidays with outbound malang.

EO Outbound Malang

EO Outbound Malang

Holiday or vacation is a time when people take the time that is free from the world of work or schooling. Generally, the holiday occurred in the mid or end of the year, also at the feast. In special circumstances such as natural disasters, the holiday can be set by the government.Or holiday is when you look forward to with family, a large family where all could gather with family, spend time with a loved one. But what kind of vacation you want. outbound malang ? There are many kinds of – kind of vacation. Among educational vacation, beach tourism, adventure travel, religious travel / spirittual, ecotourism, tourist theme park, a charming natural attractions and much more.

Lots of holiday types to choose from. But the holidays will fall apart if there is no proper planning. The holidays will be done well if planning was also overcooked. But with the flurry of work that you do every day, it seems almost no time to plan a vacation. Not to also book a place here and there. In fact the holiday as something complicated.

outbound malang

But quiet you can now breathe because there is event organizer or travel agency Bisas help you plan a proper holiday. As well as helping us Outbound Malang your vacation more different with different outbound packages that we offer

Want to find EO Outbound Malang just upset. Not have confused need not be troubled. We have a solution. No Limit Outbound Adventure we have believed thousands of participants from hundreds of clients throughout Indonesia as the best outbound organizer.

We have a trainer – trainer outbound best. That is able to serve you well. So that could outbound already successfully and can improve the performance of your back. EO Outbound Malang

Want to find EO Outbound Malang just upset. Not have confused need not be troubled. We oUnya solution. KWB Outbound Adventure we have believed thousands of participants from hundreds of clients throughout Indonesia as the best outbound organizer.

Not only outbound packets sasja family that we offer. We also offer packages for company outbound or agencies. Because the outbound event also able to improve the performance of your employees. Fostering communication between employees repaired.

Confused about the inn ?? We can also help you to find a comfortable inn with fasililtas number one at an affordable price. How interested agenda your holiday with us? The information exceeds or you can access it on our website trainingoutboundmalang.com



Outbound Songgoriti Malang

Outbound Songgoriti Malang

Travel Songgoriti stone is also one place Recreation in travel Batu.Taman Songgoriti better known by the name of Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti Baths. Tourism Park is located at the foot of the mountain Songgoriti many, Jl.Songgoriti Batu Malang Songgokerto precisely in the Village, Batu. In Songgoriti the tour you will be able to enjoy the pool, outbound, hot water bath, charming gardens, outbound malang, hot water lake, Mbah Pathok or masters Supo historic market and tourist Songgoriti Batu sell some crafts / souvenirs made by residents of the area Songgoriti with parking areas large.

In addition to providing a tourist attraction, here also provide places of historic Temple Songgoriti that the kingdom of Majapahit. Opening hours this attraction begins at 7: 00-17: 00 for Songgoriti comprehensive tourist area suitable for outbound events Songgoriti Malang.

In addition to extensive facilities are also available flying fox, spider web and a two-line bridges. So Songgoriti Malang outbound event more interesting. Come soon tried outbound Songgoriti unfortunate with our KWB Outbound Adventure.

Outbound Attractions in Malang

Hi friend how are you? Friends may always be in good health and good luck. Nothing was already mid-week. In March of this, everyone will again be busy planning for the holiday-making school holidays.

outbound malang

Wah friend. If not jau- much of the day, all the inn would have been sold out. Well than later confused scramble for less .The preparation is first discussed wanted a vacation where ?, ya want to vacation anywhere, the school holidays this time must be different from the previous school holidays, so as not boring.

Outbound attractions in Malang, solution. Now the road – the road to the city of Malang more enjoyable. Due to poor outbound travel is different from the other attractions in the city of Malang.

Malang attractions outbound in addition to presenting a recreational park and also has complete facilities. Some attractions outbound in Malang are:

  1. Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti
  2. The recreation park Selecta
  3. Tourism Coban Rondo
  4. Tourism Coban Rais

And many more. Come on what are you waiting soon join us in Training Outbound Malang.

Outbound in Malang

This time we will discuss about the outbound in poor areas. Yesterday (07:11:15) No Limit Adventure Outbound get a visit from the Department of the Interior Ministry in Jakarta. Very interesting event on the day of the first guests to arrive and immediately checked in at Hotel Club Bunga Batu, from there guests relax beforehand when then the next day following a series of events that have been assembled by Team No Limit Adventure.

The next day on the second day at around 09.00 am, the participants went straight to No Limit Adventure Base Camp is situated at Jalan Wukir. Just behind the village office building Temas village. About 7 minutes of Hotel Club Bunga. Once at base camp all participants directly out at the briefing to follow in the Brantas River rafting in the village Temas.

After briefing was completed all participants immediately to begin rafting. Track taken ± 12 Km journey takes ± 3 hours. The atmosphere is very sunny afternoon once made more exciting rafting. After rafting is completed, participants rushed out meikmatim self-cleaning and lunch is provided.

Once completed, all participants returned to the hotel to rest to prepare participants for coach outdoor activities this evening.

How exciting is not it? For those of you who are interested in my story and want to feel outbound in malang areas of our site please visited in trainingoutboundmalang.com

Game Outbound Malang

Outbound activities together with the spirit of the game shooting. Malang outside of the game, not just a game for fun to play begins with good intentions. Generally, outbound game course material is also used in each other, so intent outbound event realized by the maximum.
Generally game outbound Malang held in the group without any arguments, but also has the objective to create a good working relationship, increase self-confidence and leadership skills course.



training outbound malang

Most games OUTBOUND Malang, including:

1. All stand up. This game has the objective to improve working relationships. Each team is divided into at least two people in unison, after a successful teacher, some people leave, and should strive for unison again.
2. Pipe leak. This game is intended to address the problem. Participant purposes leaking pipe by means of a full, tips and teamwork have a role in this game for the contents.
3. Opposite. This game has the intention to practice concentration. Participants are divided into teams of four people minimum. Each member must hold a colleague’s shoulder. You must slide with respect to that statement. When coaches delivered in front, they must be backed up, and vice versa.
4. Blind Walk. One of the participants were blindfolded. Another member of the group members responsible to precedes done during the road with his eyes closed. The team that crosses the finish line first is the winner. The game trained labor relations as well as confidence in the team members.
5. Titanic. This game trains concentration and teamwork. Each team on the edge. Then the teacher would give unity Cypress on the board, and they all must be on board.
Well apart from a team game, there is also a simple game that adrenaline challenges, namely:
1. Spider Site. Participants will climb the rope nets like cobwebs in Labar
2. Two Line Bridge. Participants will go to a place so high in a rope bridge.
3. Flying Fox. Participants can skate with a specific corner of the altitude.
For games like the above challenges, some of the participants must wear a helmet and a life jacket.

Outbound Services Malang

Taking a break from the daily routine is important for workhorse or a workaholic who is always busy with his work. Fatigue and stress accumulates and makes the human immune decline, so the risk of damage the health. People need time to relax and relieve their stress.


training outbound malangDensity of hours of work to make time to relax for the body and pikira reduced. A weekend getaway is the most awaited time to get out of the stress zone. Often they use the weekend to berrkunjung somewhere or just beresantai at home with family.


Vacation in a place away from the crowds with a refreshing eye view is the main option for calming the mind, like outbound activities can add to your holiday excitement. Outbound is not just a fun alternative to tourism, but you can also develop your potential is not yet fully ter-explore or have not even you realize.



Sometimes you have skills that you do not realize, or you are aware, but less able to utilize optimally. Well outbound Malang , is one of the bridges to develop this potential. Material presented not only very useful in optimizing the potential and talent, but also serves as an activity for gathering or reunion. Gamesnya also varies, either individuals or groups.



Each game is designed in accordance with the purpose of outbound. Leadership, confidence, and teamwork is very influential in the success of outbound games. Success in the game will no doubt provide fun and excitement to the team members, and laughter broke out when it usually does not successfully complete the game.



The atmosphere is also very strong family that strengthen family unity and familiarity teamwork and family. Surely you are interested in not with tours that not only travel for fun? The question is, where you can get outbound travel services attractive? The answer is Outbound Malang. Outbound Malang in Malang outbound services with expertise. More than hundreds of clients entrust their outbound activities to us, because in accordance with the slogan ‘satisfaction is our priority. ”



Outbound Malang package is very diverse with proven cheaper price. Guided by experienced instructors are friendly and professional facilitator who is also a plus daar outbound Malang. Well so the dilemma of choosing outbound travel services in Malang, booking directly contact Outbound Malang, to get that amazing vacation.

Outbound For Company

Each company wants progress and thrive in business. Therefore, the recruitment of employees is not random, only employees with superior quality that can be received effort, especially bereskala international corporations.


training outbound malang


Beyond that, norms and dedication to the company has also been taken into account. Dedication and loyalty to the company that the main points that need to be owned by the employees. With high dedication, they will work and drive their responsibilities well. Dedication or loyalty to the company also is the main thing that needs to be owned by the employees.

Today, some of the companies constantly strive to improve the quality of the resource pegawanya, that sort of thing so major to compete in the world of work is full of competition and challenges today.

Therefore, many companies that are offering courses and education to improve their potential. There are several steps that worked, one of them with outbound. Outbound is an alternative to the development potential and resources of the company.

In the outbound activities, participants will be trained to dig as well as increasing the interest and the talent that they have, increase confidence, improve teamwork, they are also trained to have nerves of steel, until the job competition and many challenges can be seen.

Outbound Malang will help you achieve your purpose as above, with the experience no doubt. Outbound Malang will improve the quality of your resources. Each material diperkembang in outbound for diformulasaikan company with a creative, innovative and exciting, until you will not be bored.

Beyond that, a variety of exciting games will accompany your outbound activities. The game is done by means of an individual or a team. Often laughter broke from participants who do not successfully complete the game time, to make the situation going to be warm, and the fabric of the team more closely related to and sturdiness.

Outbound for companies with outbound Malang, is a way out for companies who want increase perusahaannaya through resources that are superior employees. Beyond that, Outbound also useful as educating recreational facilities to give freshness away from the stress of everyday habits.