Super Mario Run tested: Nintendo Disagree

Super Mario Run is finally available on your smartphone. Nintendo cracks the cell formula or is not worth the hype? A comprehensive review.

We have long to wait, but now is Super Mario Run finally available on your smartphone. Head over to the Apple App Store and download the game while you can just read on here. Android users unfortunately have to wait until sometime in 2017. remain windows 10 mobile users (provisional) in the cold without any news.

Hype is the only word that hangs at present a clear round Super Mario Run. It was one of the highlights of the press conference where the new Apple iPhone 7 showed and state for months prominently at the top of the App Store so that no one could miss. All you could do was register in advance so you were kept informed by email of the launch. Can count as teaser.

Super Mario Run

To be blunt: Super Mario Run well? Yes! Stoneware even. Even though I have many prejudices directly help out the world. Super Mario Run is an “endless runner” but not according to the traditional system. He continues to run through each level, but there is much more variety and technique than you would expect from an endless runner. You are sometimes silent on platforms or pause buttons to plan your next journey well and the barriers are very diverse and recognizable Mario players. It plays faster than a classic Super Mario game, but you can feel the blueprint that super mario run hack is strongly intact.

The story is predictable: Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, and you can play the hero again. Each level contains five stars that you should try to collect before you get the final flag. When you have it collected, you can play back through the level on a higher difficulty difficult with five stars. Finally, there is the spicy third degree where you can gather again five stars to finish it. Each world has four levels, the latter of which has a boss. There are six worlds in Super Mario Run, bringing the total number to 24 aandikt available levels.

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