Strategy and Tornado Disaster Relief Efforts

Indonesia is a disaster-prone country is currently facing, especially climate change. The impact of climate change in the weather ektream potentially creating a major disaster. many weather disasters arising from ektream like, Flooding, Mudslides Up to hurricanes. One needs to be in anticipation of disaster was Hurricane.

A hurricane is a vortex winds with wind speeds of 120 km / h or more are common in tropical regions between the Tropic of Cancer and south, except in areas very close to the equator. This wind usually occurs in the Indonesian region of transition or when entering Season transitional seasons and commonly called the wind storm. Hurricanes can occur because of the pressure of a weather system, this wind prone to happen in the tropics.

Strategy and Tornado Disaster Relief Efforts

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The onset of symptoms Typhoon

Tropical storm winds disaster could happen at any time, and suddenly, the majority of this storm winds created through a process of several hours. This whirlwind of disaster can be monitored via satellite. The satellite is able to determine the direction of hurricanes, but significant weather changes create a storm disaster is difficult to predict. so that this disaster could happen at any time, many effects of the disaster such as damage to infrastructure, facilities and even cause casualties. Here are the efforts in disaster reduction whirlwind

Efforts for Disaster Reduction

  • Has a structure that can meet the technical requirements to be able to withstand wind especially large wind
  • In areas vulnerable to wind storms, it needs to take into account building standards for wind loads. So that the structure can withstand winds can get up.
  • Greening at the top of the wind direction to dampen the force of the wind.
  • Security / retrofitting of parts easily by the wind that could endanger themselves or others around them.
  • Preparedness in the face of hurricanes, knows how to escape
  • Security items around the house that are bound / built strong that the wind
  • For the fishermen, so that a strong tether or bind his ships.

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