Smartphone HP’s most sophisticated and March 2017 World’s Most Expensive Newest

Smartphone is now not only used for communication means that it is really very helpful human life, the Android OS and iOS also further improve the quality of human life, there are many amazing things that can be done by the smartphone.

 Until now, Android-based smartphone is still rule the smart phone market in the world, because Android phone price is much cheaper than a phone that uses the operating system iOS. The longer the development of a smartphone is not only based on a communication system that is now indeed become easier thanks to social media, or a chat application that can be obtained easily and for free.
Hasil gambar untuk Android paling mahal

Several brands of smartphones are well known in the world and certainly in Indonesia include Samsung, LG, iPhone, Oppo, Asus, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi which each of the brand has been providing versions of flagship with highly advanced features and must be redeemed the price is quite expensive.

For Samsung brand flagship supplied type of which is the Samsung Galaxy S Series and also Note Series. As for the iPhone is not too many are types provided but almost always dominate sales of smartphones in the world, including the recently released is the iPhone 7.

 Sophisticated Smartphone say if it fulfills the following criteria:
  • Large RAM Capacity
    Capacity ram on a Smartphone is now the issues that are very widely because many smartphone users who complained about the performance of the smart phone has decreased when used for gaming or multitasking. According to experts this is the case for the small RAM capacity. Therefore the current flagship smartphones have met many who invest RAM capacity of 4 GB to 6 GB.
  • Their Sophisticated Features
    Excellent features of various smartphones now it is increasingly easy to find, for example for security sector has been increasingly utilizing the fingerprint sensor as the highest level of security and also practical. But apparently already one of the flagship smartphone Samsung brands that use more advanced security features over the iris scanner. Features second seed is on a battery charging system, ie, quick charging or fast charging batteries.
  • Resolution Camera
    In the camera sector is never escaped the attention of the better results of the image produced by the camera smart phone is the more sophisticated feel of the phone anyway. Especially now everyone is very familiar with the features of the camera to be uploaded on social media.

At least 3 points will always be questioned by any person who want to shop gadget or smartphone.

Smartphone most sophisticated and most expensive in the world

HP android LG V20

The latest Android smartphone from LG have introduced in October 2016’s. There are a few things that did seem very impressive from the embodiment LG V20, including the existence of a dual primary camera with a resolution of 16 MP, besides that this camera is not only armed with great resolution, but also equipped with features sophisticated in this period include the the Laser Autofocus, OIS feature and LED Flash.

Besides, LG V20 also has been running on the operating system version 7 or Nougat. Quality multitasking becomes the maximum when there is a RAM capacity of 4 GB. The Smartphone also supports 4G LTE network coverage has superior features in terms of security, namely fingerprint sensor battery fast charging. Here are some of the sophistication offered by Motorola v20.

  • LG V20 supports features photos and video settings manually, this feature is arguably the newly applied on the LG V20. Setting or use of this feature is also extremely easy to use, thus armed with any smartphone you can already have a device class DSLR camera.
  • LG V20 is very supportive for use as a voice recorder at its best, this thanks to the Hi-Fi audio features.
  • The battery of the LG V20 can be easily separated or pairs, this is already quite rare in smartphones especially for class flagship smartphone.
    Prices of LG V20 is Rp 12,500,000, –

iPhone 7 more

Newly introduced in September 2016, the iPhone 7 has become the most popular smartphone and also the most expensive thanks to the sophistication and design. The advantages of Apple’s smartphone products which are at the RAM capacity up to 3 GB. Followed with IP67 certification which means this smartphone is resistant to water with a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Already supports 4G LTE coverage type of technology used is Cat9 LTE, which is able to download data at speeds of 450 Mbps. As for the screen size of its already relatively very relieved that the density reaches 5.5 inches with 401 ppi. To make this screen stays protected from scratches and also hands dirty with oil, iPhone 7 Plus has been equipped with Ion strengthened Glass and oleophobic coating.

New features introduced in the iPhone series is the latest on the home button is no longer visible so that the manual shift into when in touch but rather the sensation of vibration alone. iPhone 7 Plus has been using OS version 10.0.1 and planned to get an upgrade to OS version 10.0.2. In terms of security features of course retained their fingerprint sensor. But unfortunately the iPhone 7 Plus is not equipped with the features of fast battery charging, USB type is also still version 2.0.

One more thing you need to know that the iPhone 7 is not equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack, so it will be more comfortable if you use wireless earphones to listen to a song or make a phone call. Earphones are sold separately and priced at Rp 2,000,000. Furthermore, for the price of one unit of the iPhone 7 Plus itself ranges from Rp 12 million to $ 15 million depending on the capacity of the internal memory in it.

HP Android Sony Xperia XZ

This type is included in the category of sophisticated smartphone because it has advantages on the part where the camera’s main camera has a resolution of 23 MP, Sony brand is already quite popular with the picture quality is so great that the resolution is certain to be offset by the images of the maximum. Besides, the Sony Xperia XZ also supports fast battery charging feature and fingerprint sensor.

In terms of design, this smartphone into a more premium feel thanks to the use of metal materials. In the kitchen runway there has been a Snapdragon 820, powered by the Android OS marshmallows and RAM capacity of 3 GB. 1 unit Sony Xperia XZ priced at Rp 10.8 million.

The above are some of the most recent types of smartphone and also the most advanced in this year, hopefully one of them can become your own.

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