rotating the crank shaft

2. Step Setup

There is a two-step adjustment to meet the requirements in order to succeed with the valve adjustment kindest, as follows.

By rotating the crank shaft (pub), to create the piston is at top position semasing compression cylinder. How many just now requires manpower and time, having to play the same appropriate pull together well with there many cylinders to have a position on the top of the piston cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. When the compression top position, 2nd indan EX valve must be in closed meetings, to be set gap.

By rotating the crank shaft (pub), to create the position of top compression piston in the cylinder 1 and other required cylinder fit together the same system working machines. How just now faster and save with energy, but requires considerable technical knowledge cars, Investasi indonesia especially the relationship in the ignition sequence (FO = firing order) and adjustment valve.

h. Positive Crank Case Ventilation (PCV)

Ie PCV ventilation systems crank chamber. Gasoline vapors leaking into the crank chamber flows back into the engine combustion chamber through a hose that connects the crank chamber to the intake manifold

After adjustment valves, PCV should be serviced first before going. compression test. PCV bit having an impact on the compression pressure and engine rotation. No PCV Investasi Syariah engine rotation is lower compared with PCVdiaktiflan time.

In PCV services, which need to check the PCV valve action and density of hose-hose. PCV valve which has been damaged should be replaced with new ones.

saya. When Ignition

When the ignition should be set after setting the spin machine. The reason is that when the ignition is recorded in the basic car servicing ie, when the ignition in a stationary lap. If when the ignition is set on a round not stationary, will run duplication. It’s actually kind of be shunned, because so pu¬taran tuned engine, when penga¬t, piannya definitely changed.

The principle of adjustment when the ignition dis¬tributor rotate in a condition to get the sound of the engine the most refined engine with the greatest power. The principle of this adjustment can make so basic, if the adjustment when the ignition is handled no use timing-light (adjustment perigapian) or maybe just another tool.

Distributors can be rotated to the left, or maybe just to the right after fastening bolts loosened. If the distributor is rotated in the opposite direction to the rotation of the rotor, means that when the ignition is advanced. Conversely, if the distributor is rotated in the direction of rotor rotation, meaning when the ignition was scrubbed.

j. idel

Tuning adjustments idealized ie the ultimate in car engine tune-ups. Results idealized adjustment has no impact on the time of ignition, slit valves, compression and cooling. Instead, idel strongly influenced by a variety of engine components.

Set idealized in principle that is set on a wind combined with gasoline at idling rotation. So before going to set up a joint idealized, engine rotation must be stationary first. If after adjustment idel, then move stasionernya round, round stasionernya must be set again.

k. Fan belt

In tune up, the fan belt should also be set. Firmness strap having an impact on cooling fan and alternator putar¬an. If the fan belt slack, engine rpm can not memu-tar cooling fan with the best because the skid.

Cause, cooling fan does not fit together at the engine rev up the engine so hot. Additionally, lap maximum alternator can not get less battery charging to the most excellent.