Price Rp63 Million, It’s Full Specifications CBR250RR

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has finally released their latest motorcycles come with a lot of refreshment, the all-new CBR250RR, in Indonesia. This motor was first known to debut in the world, and are produced in the country.

So, how the specification of motor sport fairing quarter-liter that is claimed to come with these abundant features?

In a statement, Honda said if the all-new CBR250RR engine equipped with the new generation 250cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC, four-valve, two-cylinder developed engineering Japan and Indonesia.

Price Rp63 Million, It's Full Specifications CBR250RR

According to Executive Vice President Director of AHM Johannes Loman, a motor which is sold with the official start Rp63 million on the road in Jakarta, which was developed based on Honda’s philosophy. “This motor is designed for comfort in driving. All movements can be carried out by the rider so as to provide comfort and confidence to the rider or the so-called ‘ Total Control ‘,” he said, on the sidelines of the launch, in Jakarta, Monday, July 25, 2016.

From the design, Honda claims if the motor is prioritizing the results, so the styling fundamental contribution to maneuver amid the motor current.


All New Honda CBR250RR featuring designs that manifests the power of the engine and speed. Sharp lines visible from the underside, the front of the bow to the stern tapered rear. In short, aggressive.

Close packed configuration also part of new adopted this bike and made to optimize airflow and assist the process of cooling the engine.

To maximize the freedom to control the balance of rider weight, rider seat in the front looks minimized. This bike achieved the proportional character of the power unit layout that is compact and truss frame.


On the chassis, the motor is provided the design of the frame structure of steel pipes to ensure the strength and flexibility. Frame it also supports output that brings stability to the motor.

Swing arm type of gull-arm made of aluminum through the process of Gravity Dies Casting (GDC) which resulted in a reduction in the weight of the unsprung and maximize the layout of the exhaust. The swing arm is then connected to the main frame.

The front suspension is an inverted fork measuring 37 millimeters of Showa and can reduce the weight of the unsprung. LED adoption appears obvious in all lighting units and applications rim with seven-spoke.

Power unit

For problems Power Unit, characters optimum engine and exhaust sound different powered compact engine design. To create a compact engine, Honda put the primary driver gears into the cam chain, oil pump on the right side are connected to the engine, and putting respiratory cylinder engine in the rear.

In addition, the water pump located in the cylinder head as RC213V. The width of the two-cylinder engine is similar to the single-cylinder engine in the same capacity. Another important part in the layout of the unit is the presence of downdraft air intake.

While the air cleaner removed from the back of the cylinder being at the top of the cylinder. Regulated air intake resistance is reduced, to make refresher weight.

APS technology

To bring control, Honda implement technology throttle by wire or TBW. Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) on the gas side left which automatically sends an electric signal to the ECU. To maximize the function of TBW, the motor is equipped riding mode selector .

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