Tips to Feel Beautiful and Attractive

There are some women who, despite having an attractive physique, do not feel beautiful. And it’s not just a problem for teenagers.

The famous actress Sofia Loren once said “Beauty is how you feel inside and this is reflected in your eyes. It is not physical. “Feeling beautiful inside is very important.

A confident woman is generally irresistible. But also give us a “cat hand” as they say out there can help us.

1. A little make-up is enough to help any woman feel good about herself. The essential will be a thin base that covers the center of the face and hide dark circles. Natural beauty. Natural shades for eye shadow and a lipstick the natural color of yours, will add a “look” of confidence in itself.

2. Laugh even if it is a fake laugh. The backward movement of the head and the movement of the mouth towards the ears, activate the release of endorphins that lift the mood. This exercise can be practiced before you leave.

3. Curl your hair. According to stylist Robert Ramos, rippling your hair will make you walk more safely and attractively. To use this technique, spray your hair with a volumizer and put on two-inch velcro curlers as you iron. When you have finished ironing, run the dryer through the rollers. Remove them, shake your head down and go!

And the bonus – Smile! According to Paul Ekman, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, we all find smiling faces more attractive than serious ones. A smile not only elevates the muscles around the eyes and lips, for a more youthful appearance, but it generates an effect to feel good and makes others also smile to him.
Tips for Feeling Sexy
Divide your hair to the right

According to The Hair Part Theory, women who comb their hair on the right turn look more kind, sexy and feminine. In addition the stylist Charles Baker recommends using a 1 1/2 inch wide iron to make the hair look brighter and more body.
To wear red

The red color accelerates the heartbeat and awakens the passion. In a study conducted at the University of Rochester in New York, it was found that men found more attractive and sexy to women who wore red than those who wore blue.
Apply a shimmer

One of the most attractive things about a woman is that she looks healthy. A girl with soft, luminous skin will turn heads. To make your complexion look radiant use a shimmer in your daily makeup routine.


A slight tilt of the head accompanied by a slight drop of the chin gives a very feminine “look” because it reveals the neck. It also forces the girl to look up which makes her eyes look bigger and her eyelashes longer. Another very sexy gesture is to arrange the hair behind the ear.

And the bonus!
Trying new things triggers a positive response in the brain. Doing something fun you’ve always wanted to do will make you feel sexier. To take a parachute, to travel, to learn a new language, to dive, etc.

Home Remedies for Having Beautiful Eyebrows

Home remedies for having beautiful eyebrows

His eyebrows are like eye frames so they must form an important part of our beauty routine. Like everything else, preferences about the shape and appearance of eyebrows vary from person to person.

However, it is important to consider the shape of your eyes and face to determine how your eyebrows will look best.
General rules for shaping eyebrows

Early eyebrows should start at the outer edge of the bridge of the nose
The eyebrow should be lifted at its highest point on the outer edge of the iris and should stop parallel to the edge of the eye. Natural beauty. You can use a pencil to fill the space if your eyebrows do not reach these points.
His eyebrows are very thin

Eyebrows are too thin to make people look fuller and older. Try not to remove or shave your eyebrows too much.

More hair

The hair you should always remove is in the middle of the nose in the middle of two eyebrows, which is in the temple and that is in the arch of the eyebrow. You should not remove feathers above the eyebrows.
Cut longer

Brush your eyebrows up and then check her hair is too long. Cut over length with small scissors. Brush your eyebrows down and look again. Repeat the previous step, scissors with any hair scissors that seem too long.
Home remedies for eyebrow care
Keep your eyebrows healthy

Massage the eyebrow area with a soft feather brush for a few minutes each night. Follow with a massage with olive oil. Some people say that using castor oil causes the eyebrows to become denser or bushy.
To keep your eyebrows orderly

If your eyebrows are “wrinkled”, you can put a little hair on a toothbrush and comb it. Fixation will hold them in place.
If you have more eyebrows

Fill the hole with a sharp eyebrow pencil, use light and fast scratches to draw hair. You can also use eyebrow powder for a more natural look. With an eyebrow brush, powder the eyebrows.
If you do not grow your eyebrows

In addition to the castor oil we mentioned earlier, another option for growing eyebrows is to get almond oil. You can apply it once or twice a day.
How to get your eyebrows to fit your face

In this video our friend Kathy teaches us the best way to shape eyebrows according to your face shape. It also gives us a tip on how to disguise eyebrows if you have eyes that are very close or very separate.

When you are not certain what things to find some one while investing in any occasion gift,

When you are not certain what things to find some one while investing in any occasion gift, there is a couple options
There is not anything improper with cheese and meat for a vacation food gift, but you may have more possibilities than you realize. 1 year old my sister got my father a pair with a wide range of different desserts that he typically would not have eaten. This collection was included with a exceptional pasta grinder, also has been quite impressive. My dad is not exactly as adventurous as I am nevertheless, and he did not desire to use out them. I received the collection, also I must say it was a really fantastic cure to test out various cheeses with some of the normal meal ideas I use. This festival food gift was a hit, at the very least with me.

When you are not certain what things to find some one while investing in any occasion gift,

That similar sister received me a holiday dinner gift the next year, also that one was really awesome also. It’d four distinct types of pasta, and four unique pasta sauces. About three of them I had never tried before, however due to the fact they sounded intriguing, I gave them a go. I enjoyed all but one of them, and we finally have more ideas as soon as it regards earning pasta. If you know somebody who’s an adventurous eater, obtaining them the foods gift place that is somewhat uncommon may be just what you should do.

If you know you would like to get someone something in this way, however you aren’t certain what things to buy, then you should have a browse around on the Internet. Maybe not only are you able to get any decent advice in this manner, you can also locate a few really great prices, and also the collections can occasionally be sent right for the recipient if they live far away. Now you get a good selection in this way, and also you also provide the benefit of sitting down behind your desk rather than braving the stores to get something which may not be out there on your area. See what you can find, as well as also the ideal holiday food gift idea will popup once you least expect it.

In different families, however, it might get a lot of careful work to pick out the right Christmas gift suggestions for an adolescent. Certainly one of my buddies is always constantly lower on budget. She gets by for the large part, but Christmas is always a fairly stressful period for her. Picking out a Christmas gift for a teen which won’t violate the bank is some thing that always struggles her creativity.

One of the ways she manages to conserve just a little bit of money across the holiday season is by usually acquiring wholesale Christmas presents when she has the possibility. You will find several different outlet outlets that permit you to find trendy clothing at low prices if you are eager to search around a little bit. Kiddies always like to seem very good, therefore that really is a amazing way to acquire yourself a inexpensive Christmas gift for a teenager that will nonetheless create them or her happy.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have yourself a Christmas gift for a teenager that’s really a tiny bit unexpected. If you can get a present to assist them learn that a brand new ability or become more creative, so far the higher. For instance, this past year I got my daughter a bass guitar. Although she had been a little bit dismayed at first, she soon found out that it was exactly what she desired. After she chose it up, she was not able to bring herself to put it down. She has been literally enjoying it almost all the time for weeks at one moment; point! It is great to find yourself a Christmas gift for a teen ager that they do not become sick and tired of in simply a couple weeks.

What should you buy for those that have invested a life amassing things?

What should you buy for those that have invested a life amassing things? Numerous shoppers have been confronted with this difficulty while in the quest to find the ideal Christmas present for grand parents

Health is this a critical problem to quite a few grand-parents however some might discover that it’s only a touch overly challenging to stay on top of mandatory check ups. You may tactic addressing this requirement in several manners. Offer a “day out” voucher together side the itinerary which comes with a fast stop to get a physical accompanied closely by means of a match of golf, per trip to the spa or even perhaps a relaxing lunch time.

Another amazing well being Christmas present for toddlers comprises health care tools which may be utilized right in your residence. These objects are easily available plus they’re rather easy touse. In the event you would like, you may always get a health certificate certification to a service that gives routine checkup.

What should you buy for those that have invested a life amassing things?

Now that we have resolved medical dilemmas we are able to proceed ahead to interesting thoughts. Traveling bundles are excellent choices to think about. These gift suggestions for grand parents are best for busy seniors that love just a small experience. It’s possible for you to decide to add these on your coming vacation strategies or you may organize a exceptional escape which comes with plenty of comfy conveniences.

A terrific Christmas present for grand parents who will not involve traveling is foods hampers. Additionally, there are lots of selections and you’ll be able to find gift-basket businesses which serve your specs. This choice is excellent when you own a grandparent with a genuine sweet tooth however you’ll find additional structures to think about too.

Food gift basket topics include morning meal structures that provide sets out of blends into coffee. Exotic baskets are all fine possibilities, also. It’s possible for you to discover amazing Italian structures full of sauces, pastas and cheeses. Many businesses offer you added snacks such as coffee mugs and unique utensils to create the gift unforgettable.

Hobbies is described as a source of fantastic inspiration also jual souvenir powerbank. Crafters and musicians adore getting gifts to get their preferred pastime. This Christmas present for grand parents is specially thoughtful as you’ve got to regard the pastime and also the particular needs that your kid needs such as provides.

Shopping for grand-parents might be quite hard but the moment you discover your inspiration you’re well on the solution to discovering the most suitable holiday gift for the loved ones seniors.

You might try out some kiddies’s boutiques round the city searching for an infant present, however I believe that the internet centre would be your very best. Kind ‘baby gifts’ to your favourite search engine and you’ll shortly be ferreting by way of a multitude of internet sites for your best present. |I discover the way that you just feel you may most useful look well for an infant gift in your own feet, however that needs to be as you’ve never attempted it even though sitting in your PC. Without leaving house, you might possess the present brought for you at virtually no moment. Now would you enjoy this? |Every present that you buy to get a little one says some thing. The thing you ought to ask your self is whether or not it really is expressing some thing which you desire to state about your youngster, or even some thing different. That you really do not need to purchase the present in the event that you two do not speak exactly the exact same languag.

Create A Beautiful Organic Garden With These Procedures

Create A Beautiful Organic Garden With These Procedures

Nowadays the necessity of achieving fresh organic produce was increased. The is asking for makes and drug leads to some very innovative organic gardening techniques. Now is your chance to find something that works for your organic garden-variety. Now are some tips that you can use to get you started .
Create A Beautiful Organic Garden With These Procedures
It may seem alluring to want to use deepens on your organic garden-variety, but these will do more suffering than good, together with demolishing the purpose of an “organic” garden-variety. If you think about, all of these sorts of pollutants run off and adulterate whatever they stroke. By impeding your grunge healthful, you won’t need any chemical fertilizers anyway .

A immense acces to assure a successful organic garden-variety year after year is to keep a gardening periodical. You plainly need to jot down what vegetables do well and those that don’t, as well as particular pests or other issues that your garden-variety flows into. By doing this, you’ll know what to change or keep the same the following year, developing in a deluxe organic garden-variety .

There are a variety of ways to plant an organic garden-variety. If you like equality, germinate a formal garden-variety. These work better around a focal point such as a fountain, specimen tree, bronze, or plant radical .

Do you have weeds in your garden-variety and you don’t want to spray high-risk weed killer? Common household vinegar can help your problem. Spray full-strength vinegar on the weedy recognises on a sunny daytime. Vinegar attains as an organic weed killer and it is safe the environmental issues, and you .

A great first step to having a successful organic garden-variety is to test the sournes of the grunge in your garden-variety. The ideal mass is 6. 5, if your grunge is on the low-pitched evaporate, it’s too acidic and if it’s on the high-pitched dissolve it’s too alkaline. Neither of those situations applies itself to a successful garden-variety. So by purchasing a grunge testing kit before make, you will assure yourself a beautiful organic garden-variety during the summer .

Encourage bees, wasps, ladybirds and other rewarding bugs. These bugs are vital in an organic garden-variety. Bees are nature’s most efficient pollinator, and wasps and ladybirds prey on marring bugs in the garden-variety. Ladybirds are peculiarly effective at ridding your grains of aphids. To tempt these rewarding bugs, plant love herbs and germinates around the edge of your vegetable garden-variety .

Black-eyed Susans are perennials that are basically pest-free. It will not be necessary to use pesticides on these grains. Leaf spot and crown rotting may develop in older, horded knots the hell is unattractive. Nonetheless, if you segment these grains every four years, you will avoid these problems. Likewise, reducing the knots will maintain gaiety and increase capacity of blush .

As you have read, there are many different ways to take acre of an organic garden-variety. You need to find the methodology used that work for you. There is a ton of information that can help you read what assistances particular techniques can produce. By complete the following tips, you are well on your acces to appropriately changed an organic garden-variety .

Portable Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

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Portable sewing models now within great call for coming from a lot of customers, together with your current model is usually quite attractive, portable sewing products required numerous uses at the sewing machine is actually not found to the sewing machine normally. for users involving portable sewing machine, we’ll give you a few tips that you can recognize for you to maintain and also care to the portable sewing machine so This The item will certainly perform properly.

1. EMPLOY stabilizer as well as UPS, pertaining to just about all types associated with portable sewing machine making use of electricity Just as energy resources, for you to avoid your sudden extinction of any lights (of course, will damage your own sewing machine slowly) EMPLOY UPS As soon as you employ your portable sewing machine.

2. Observe ones duration of work with involving portable sewing machines, portable sewing machine can not provide intended for 24 hours continuously with out the break. don\’t forget ones engine likewise Requirements an rest not sole human. therefore While your own portable sewing machine with work with will be too forced and then dynamo sewing machine is usually damaged. to help avoid these types of conditions, wear a great sewing machine by the wise. ones thicker fabric will be sewn, ones faster your machine gets hot. i required parameters for you to provide the a portable sewing machine usage limit within his hands towards the body of your sewing machine, While your current machine body felt hot, after that You will rest your own sewing machine with the engine shut off, as well as wait until your own machine does not heat with regard to excess use.

3. Put the sewing machine in a Firm place, utilizing portable sewing machine you\’ll want to MAKE USE OF the flat along with Secure foundation so that the sewing machine does not sway While used.

4. Clean your sewing machine soon after use, keep clean sewing machine will be necessary to utilize a great small brush or the vacuum cleaner mini.

5. Avoid making use of portable sewing machine which has a rough, do not push your portable sewing machine Should involving faults regarding example thread involved, zero experience Any time The idea snagged threads that happen to be not settled beforehand and be forced to progress to be able to sew your Geer contained for the sewing machine menjadai portable smooth. This is since the iron Geer Geer forced plastic in rotating although You\’ll find objects / threads involved, consequently plastic Geer becomes smooth so which the timing can be proper for you to pull your current threads lifeboat becomes chaotic, bobbins will are harder.

6. payment engine wear, do payment regularly and provide oil towards the sewing machine parts often rub. with a good portable sewing machine people do not need too often offer oil.

7. Do not try for you to repair your sewing machine if inexperienced, anyone greater bring The idea towards the fees tend to be in 2010 trustworthy, as well as get That towards the store anyone purchased your current portable sewing machine whether or not an individual do not want almost any extra damage.

Those usually are a series of connected with THE tips regarding caring for your portable sewing machine. Treat your current sewing machine effectively so that this sewing machine will be durable as well as effectively used.

Definition of Duties & Responsibilities HRD

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Understanding Duties & Responsibilities HRD – HRD (Human Resources Development) or in Indonesian means human resource development, and if interpreted grammatically have meaning a group of people or a team who has the task of developing the human resources or employee in a company or organization. HRD main task is to make every employee in a company or organization is able to maximize the best capabilities of each individual employee to serve the company better.

Each employee is an asset to the company and maintain these assets is critical to the success of a company or organization. HRD assigned to ensure the talent and ability to function properly. Each employee is equally got a chance to grow, get better training with the ability, training and polishing etc.

Understanding HR Duties & Responsibilities

skill requirements
Time management skills are a must for HRD need to deal with all the employees of the company / branch.
HR may need to build a strategy, adding the program benefits, solve problems and manage time and work flow of each employee.

HR professionalism
The professional approach at every step is a must.

recommendations HRD
Beneficial for all employees must be the same and reasoning must be transparent.

HRD task
Duties and responsibilities of the HR depends on the size of the company and the amount of human resources employed. HRD stereotypes task to recruit employees, maintain the company’s profit as a priority. But the main task of HR recruiting and polishing (developing) employees.

The basic task of HRD
Recruiting personnel for positions that fit their abilities.
Provide training and staff development.
Monitoring the performance of each employee.
Deciding administration appointments and compensation.
Payment Distribution Employees
Employee surveys and grading.
Monitoring health and safety equipment for employees.
Trouble shooting and problem solving for employees.
Maintaining relationships with every employee.
Forming teams for specific projects, etc.
HRD Education Requirements
Bachelor’s degree from a college that specializes in human resources such as law, psychology. Heavy Duties and responsibilities are determined by the selection criteria that vary from each company and also depends on recruiters.

Tips for HRD
Keep the good conditions with every employee.
Be someone who needed help when they need you. Listen to their problems and help them find solutions.
Innovative and different. This way you can take the maximum attention of the employees.
Appreciative. Give praise to employees when they do a good job.

Eggplant, The Purple With Million Benefits


Purple Eggplant health benefits for the body – you must have been familiar with the eggplant purple, is not it? Eggplant can be processed into a variety of cuisines it turned out to contain a million benefits. For those of you who are not too fond of processed eggplant, there’s nothing wrong if you now change your taste after knowing the benefits of this vegetable. Come, see a full review of the following benefits purple eggplant!

Purple Eggplant benefits for the Body

Giving Nutrition and Healthy Brain
Phytonutrients called anthocyanins nasunin in eggplant purple skin is very nutritious to nourish one of the most important organs of our body, namely the brain. In addition to nourish the brain, nasunin membrane is also useful to protect brain cells from harmful free radicals. Given this nasunin, our brains will get better nutrition and make it easier for berpikit.
benefits purple eggplant

Preventing and Treating Heart Disease
Nasunin content of the eggplant is also very useful to bind iron in the body. No iron in the body is very good for immunity and transport oxygen. However, iron overload can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Purple eggplant health benefits for the body of this one, truly extraordinary. Because, in addition to nasinin, fitronutrien content in eggplant are also efficacious for pembulih relaxation of blood in the heart.

Help Stop Smoking Habit
If someone already accustomed to smoking, it is very difficult to stop it, is not it? Well, if you’re trying to quit smoking, it could not hurt to add eggplant in the daily diet you. Eggplant can help suppress the desire of smoking because of eggplant are known to contain small amounts of nicotine. Eating eggplant is one of the great and natural way to stop smoking, is not it?
Purple Eggplant benefits for a Healthy Diet
A scientist from the University of Graz, Germany, has been conducting research on animals to find the same results from one of the benefits of this eggplant. In his research found that eggplant can help prevent the growth of bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, the eggplant was also shown to prevent and inhibit the growth of fatty plaques that can make the disease atherosclerosis, or inflammation of blood pembulih.

Preventing Anemia
Eggplant contains many nutrients and vitamins and iron. Terkandungnya iron can help prevent anemia is often the case.
As Anti-Bacterial
Vitamin C contained in eggplant can be a source of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties very effective. This is all because of the content contained in eggplant among others folate, fiber, B vitamins, manganese, copper, potassium, Vitamin K, tryptophan, vitamin C and magnesium.

Marketing Tips & How to Successfully Sell Your Products

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Tips and memasarakan sell products – One of the tricks of how large companies both agencies and production companies still exist and survive in the field is how they sell and market their products and services. Each company is able to recruit the best employees who have the talent and ability in the fields of marketing and sales certainly contribute to the success of the company. Yes the company’s success is how they “sell and market products or services”.

This also applies for those of you who are starting a business or carry out a wider market expansion, required skills and measarkan sell products and services for the business that you wrestled thrive. Your business will continue to grow if you can make a sale or successfully market any product or service that your business struggled, is greater than the cost of production. Many companies or businesses are losing money because they are not able to afford the cost of production due to the number of marketing and sales are smaller than the production costs that they incur. And of course the high revenue derived from good marketing and high level of sales.

Marketing & Success Tips How to Sell

Being a marketing and sales force for both the company that employs you or for your own business or your business, you need the skills and talent to market and sell. Being a marketing and sales force that is when you’re marketing a product, they do not just tell you about some of the features of the product, but also highlight the value of the benefits of the product you offer. Ideally if you are positioned as a potential buyer, why would we buy a product that is not useful.

Marketing & Success Tips How to Sell

Know more detail the products you sell
If you know more detail what you have to offer or you sell to prospective buyers of these things will help you find confidence in selling and memasarkkan the product. You can clearly and easily explain in detail and the benefits of the products you sell because you have to know your product well. The more you understand about the products that you sell, you will be more confident and steady in doing deals. And the good news, this confidence is contagious. If you are absolutely sure the products you offer, normally people will be affected and became a follower convinced.

The greater the number of prospective buyers better
Yes the number of potential users of the services or products you offer will be better, because the chances of a more open transaction or a great opportunity. Your easy menawrakan your product to 100 people or 1000 people would purchase your product will be different, bidding to 1000 people would be better for the transactions of the products you offer. The more you offer a product, the greater the opportunities for sales.

Identify prospective buyers
By knowing prospective buyers is a great way to sell and market your products. This also applies to all areas of sales and marketing included in the online business. Users datau appropriate targeted visitors increase your chances for a sale. Easily a farmer would not want to buy your offers on the latest gadgets, because they did not really need it even though they have much money, they would buy if you offer a product that is related to agriculture. Know who you are selling to people who will be your product. You can make sales more effective if you know what your sales targets. Discover their problems, and make your product to be the solution of the problem. You understand the problems it faces, as well as its financial condition. It will be easier for you to determine which products will you offer him.

Make connections with buyers
Make better connections contribute to market and sell your tactics, it affects the follow-up to your buyer in the future. If you can build a better relationship to each potential buyer, is not impossible if they could be a prospective buyer of your stay. building these connections is to give your best smile to every buyer, solve their problems and find solutions not just merely offer a product for you, to know if a potential buyer rejects your product with an explanation that light and find out the reasons for the refusal. By establishing a good relationship to each potential buyer then it will build the “regulars” who buy your products contionue or sustainable for finding services and the best deals in your products, even impossible buyers you recommend your products to close friends, family or friends they.

Do Action Now
Do it now do not be put off again. You have a sales and marketing ideas were brilliant, smart and nice, but it will only remain so if you do not immediately plan memulainnya. Like when you want to be good at riding a bicycle. You have to take your bike, climb, and start pedaling. Control themselves how to regulate the balance. Get back up when you fall off the bike. Similarly, if you want to be good at selling. You must be willing to try to start it and do it. Both online and offline businesses, you need to do is to find a product and offer it to people. If still not going on sale, keep trying. Keep doing until the sale is made, but of course, while continuing to improve and enhance the ways to sell. Do everything what you want from now, or you will be left far behind.

Cause Failed to Find Success & Tips to Overcome

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Tips to find success in life – Success is the achievement of goals or anything intended or envisioned. Success can also mean getting all that you dream of. The success according to the standpoint of people will always be different, no measure success by the number of materials that can be collected, how much salary they receive and there are also get jobs that match interests can be called a success. But we all would agree that success depends on the success of gain or achieve certain goals that we are targeting, or we dream.

How to find success in life
Success belongs to all those who want to fight, all entitled to success (according to what they are targeting or dream). Everyone also has the same potential for success, things you need to do to succeed is to do what successful people do before you. Learn from those who succeed, learn from your failure, never give up, try and work hard are some steps that can help you succeed.

Cause Failed to Find Success & Tips to Overcome

What Makes us Failed?
If you really want to succeed then you must have a solid understanding of certain concepts that can help and explore your potential and that can make you successful. Most people who fail are often limited misconceptions and eventually they fail, here are some things that most people fail or do not succeed in life.
False beliefs
often to blame
Less Persistent / not working hard enough
Less flexible
lack of planning
Lack of confidence
Feeling Less resource
Excessive fear

Well then we will discuss one by one the problems that cause you to fail as above and turn it into a positive thing that can help you find the motivation and awaken your potential for success, once again because everyone has the same potential for success and are entitled to get it:

False beliefs
Confidence is one of the main factors why we fail in life. Confidence is good and right will build motivation we become stronger and our intention to be a successful menjai growing. Often we have an error in confidence when you have never tried or do. As an example, you want to get a job but you have the wrong belief before you try to apply for a job like “Ah me the high school graduates, while the Bachelor many are unemployed especially me,” or you could just want to approach a woman but you feel inferior like “Ah he’s a rich lady, smart and beautiful, which would equal that barely fit me like this “. Well obviously not that the mistaken belief will dismiss your intentions clear before you try trying.

Obviously the mistaken belief will make you not only fail in your life but also will destroy your life. Always think positively to make a strong belief that the stronger your intention as well. As I explained at the top of the points that everyone has the same chance and have the same rights to successful differentiate only spirit alone. If you have a wrong belief because of your shortcomings, because it was difficult or feel you can not clear it will cause you to fail even before you try it.

As a motivational course Richard branson a wealthy owner of the emperor businesses that Virgin Group did not graduate from high school can be successful, Jan Koum a billionaire founder of WhatsApp diakuisi Facebook someone with poor son of a widow Ukraine who moved to the USA to change fate, learn computers and its application only on computers battered, rejected by some large companies such as Facebook and eventually Facebook itself, which acquired WhatsApp from Jan Koum and buy at fantastic prices. Why they are successful, because they have a strong belief that any shortcomings can not stop them from success. Read also change bad habits for success.

Often blame outside factors cause your failure
External Locus of Control is a way of thinking that makes one assume that everything that happens to him is the result of external factors. For example, you claim that the high unemployment rate, graduate education you are low or difficult jobs is the reason you can not find a job or can another example causes you perform poorly at work because your boss is fierce and often scold you are an example of the locus of external control. So that you will blame everything good condition, deficiency, can also others who are responsible for your failure. People who succeed will not blame anyone if they fail, they will not blame just them find the right solution so that they can find and fix the failure.