Outbound Malang Location

Outbound Malang Location

There are so many places outbound in the malang eastern Java, but do you know where the outbound malang location outbound most epic and the best in Malang. Only we know, yuk

  1. Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti

Travel Songgoriti Stone also is one of the Recreation in Kota Batu. Garden tours Songgoriti better known by the name of Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti Baths. Songgoriti Tourism Park located at the foot of the mountain a lot, Jl.Songgoriti Batu Malang Songgokerto precisely in the Village, Batu. In Songgoriti travel you will be able to enjoy the pool, outbound, hot water bath, charming gardens, hot water lake, the tomb of Mbah Pathok or Professor Supo historic and tourism market Songgoriti Batu selling some crafts / souvenirs made by Songgoriti neighborhood residents and a large parking area.

In addition to providing a tourist attraction, here also provides historic attractions are Temple Songgoriti that the kingdom of Majapahit. The opening hours of these attractions starting at 7:00 a.m. to 17:00 for Songgoriti comprehensive travel area is suitable for outbound Songgoriti malang event.

outbound malang

Besides extensive facilities are also available flying fox, spider web and a two-line bridge. So the outbound Songgoriti unfortunate event more exciting. Come soon try outbound Songgoriti poor with us No Limit Outbound Adventure. For more information also visit our website at trainingoutboundmalang.com


  1. Selecta Recreation Park Malang

Selecta recreational park is one of the favorite tourist spots in the area of ​​Malang, precisely in Kota Batu. Tourist attractions this one is very beautiful, especially for you who want to travel together with your partner.

Wah certainly interesting. Additionally in selecta also provided an arena for outbound activity. There is also the facility of flying fox. Selecta recreational park located in Tulungrejo Batu-Malang. About 10 minutes from Alun – alun Kota Batu travel.

Decorated with a flower garden and a beautiful hillsides. Selecta recreational park is perfect for those who want meyegarkan mind for a moment. Extensive recreation park area, so it supports to be used as outbound area selecta malang.Tunggu what else, immediately fill’s your final holiday together Outbound selecta malang.


  1. Nature Coban Rondo Waterfall

Pujon is a district that is included in Malang, East Java province, Indonesia. About 30 km from the center of Malang mebutuhkan time of 1.5 hours. One and a half hour trip on the guarantee you will not be bored, because you will be in suguhkan green and lush scenery.

There are so many tourist attractions, especially nature. As Coban Rondo, Central Coban, Coban Manten (which are in a tourist area), Source Pitu, Baths Dewi Sri, and the new – was recently launched Coban Supit Urang located in the village of Persil, Pujon, Malang.

One of such nature ecotourism, whose place mendukund for Outbound Pujon Malang is Wana Coban Rondo. With a total area of ​​± 90 hectares, you will certainly free to do various activities.

Here are a variety of places outbound references in the epic malang eastern Java and most excellent in Malang. Anyway not going to be disappointed deh choose a place as a tourist destination on outbound malang you. Come game together list your holidays with outbound malang.

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