Mexico City, better prepared to face earthquakes

Mexico City is better prepared to face an earthquake like the one that mourned the capital in 1985, both in prevention culture and construction.

“Progress has been made in culture, actions that people are doing, certainly we must further strengthen the mechanisms, not to stay with it and know what to do,” says Fausto Lugo García, Secretary of Civil Protection of the Federal District .

In an interview with Notimex reports that the earthquake evacuation drills are carried out at different times and locations every year, promoting a culture of prevention. Home earthquake kit

“These exercises will always be important to perform them, because we will let you know what to do in the first few seconds and this makes the difference between well fought out of an emergency or injury or death”.

Citizens, he stressed, are the first who will respond to the first acts when they reach earthquakes occur, “we are the first responders in the place where we are”.

He said that another issue on which progress has been made in the capital is the one that has to do with the system of early arousal to earthquakes, in which Mexico City has invested in installing sensors on the ocean coast Pacific, which are activated upon detecting the first movement of an earthquake.

This allows the population to have 50 seconds ahead and take care to protect themselves or make a good evacuation procedure, said the official capital.

He noted that the action depends on whether the citizen those seconds give you time to leave the place where it is for a gathering or areas less risk, or if you can not evacuate the best is find the area of ​​lower risk.

“We have radio receivers installed in schools, public buildings and this year additional speaker systems security cameras also will issue the seismic alert from this September 19, at 11.30 am added” it said.

Lugo Garcia said in general have taken important steps in everything that has to do with the Civil Protection System of the City of Mexico, which since 1986 emerges as a network to coordinate and support citizenship and work with authorities Federal district coordination.

“It has evolved today is one of the most robust systems in the country and one of the most important in the world”.

The city government will continue along that path, “have a population more informed, more prepared, enabling people know what to do in the first few seconds before the occurrence of an earthquake.”

He said it is not enough to learn anything else to do in the building where you work, because “there we undertake, we should know what to do in our house, on the street, we should know what to do in a public spectacle, in a commercial area so those are the exercises. ”

It is essential that every citizen see the scenario that might be, what should be done and how to “save us in a situation of emergency seismic”.

The capital’s official reported that the quake from 8.1 degrees on the Richter scale that hit the capital in 1985, has evolved into what it has to do with the construction of buildings.

The building regulations now allows better buildings, “have processes more robust foundation, with different materials, studies of soil mechanics that enable properties in Mexico City have the guarantee is made that a similar 85 earthquake it has to happen. ”

However, he said that the regulation is perfectible, improvable, “but the conditions were 30 years ago today, we have much better conditions and this gives assurance that the Federal District can withstand a similar 85 earthquake,” he said .

Official recommendations to citizens before an earthquake are staying calm, locate lower risk areas, making withdrawal right, wait out the quake and at the end make the corresponding evacuation.

“No evacuate for this this earthquake, it is one rule number one, prevent falls, so that objects may fall down on the head or body, always be visible as a preventive measure the evacuation route”.

If possible, in the 50 seconds that the seismic alert provides citizens before the earthquake happens, shut off the gas and water and lower the power switch, “the Secretary of Civil Protection of the city government.

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