Make Slime Without Glue

We can make make slime by ourself with our without glue. Now, I will give 4 recipe how to make easy slime at house by yourself.

You can find ingredients in your house.
Recipe with contact lens fluid

You need to:

Contact lens solution

Step 1: Place a large glue swallow into a bowl.
Step 2: Then spray the shaving foam into the bowl – the surface should be covered.
Step 3: Now add some contact lens fluid and food color, and mix them all with a stirring bar. How to make slime. After a while, the mass must harden and become a sticky impact. Done!

Slime from toothpaste

You need to:

corn starch
Food coloring

Step 1: Put four tablespoon of toothpaste into the bowl.
Step 2: Now the pasta is dyed with the color of the food.
Step 3: Then add two tablespoons of glue craft.
Step 4: stir everything thoroughly.
Step 5: Then put some food into the bowl and move on. Stir and knead the slime until the lump is elastic.

For the right consistency add some starch or glue. The finish is slime!

Glitter slime – a recipe without glue

You need to:
perhaps the color of the food

Step 1: Place the dishwashing detergent in a bowl.
Step 2: Now follow a pinch of salt. Stir well in soap. Detergents should now gradually turn into glucous slime. If not, add a little salt. Just add a little salt. If too much salt, slime soon becomes fluid again.
Step 3: Now the colored slime – colorize as you wish with the color of food and glitter. Everything should be mixed well Done!

Nonnewtonian liquid

You need to:
Food coloring
2 cups of food
250 ml – 350 ml of water
2 bowls

Step 1: Start the water in the water boiler. Turn off the stove before cooking. Add 250 ml of hot water to the bowl.
Step 2: Then drop some color food into this water. Stir the color.
Step 3: Then fill two cups of food into another bowl. Add water, which is dyed, still hot on the force.

Stir well When the slime is too liquid, add even more strength. If too tight, add some water.

Simple right? Now you can make this simple slime by yourself. Enjoy your time with new experiment and happy holiday everybody