Make Slime without Borax

Why better we make slime without borax? Because borax contains toxic substances that can be harmful to health of skin. So for children it is safer to make slime without borax. But in making slime, children still need parental supervision.

A slime without borax can also be made of glue, water and washing powder. First stir some water with a tablespoon of washing powder until the powder dissolves. Add the craft mix to the glue and stir well until a soft mass is formed. Knead the mixture with your hands until you get the desired glibber.

If you want to make a shimmering slime yourself, which looks like gold or a starry sky, you can use liquid starch instead of solid detergent:

    1/4 cup of water
    1/4 cup craft kit
    1/4 cup liquid strength
    Food coloring
    Glitter powder

Stir in a bowl the glue with the water and the food color and stir everything carefully. Add the glitter in the desired color. Knead the mixture well and add a few drops of liquid starch if the plastic is too sticky. Even with powdered laundry you can make the fun slime. So that you get a kneading with perfect consistency, you have to mix a part of laundry with two parts of white glue.

If you want to surprise your children with a nice slippery slime, you can easily reproduce the next recipe from the following ingredients at home:

    100 g adhesive, water soluble
    1 pck backnatron
    1-2 TL contact lens fluid
    Food color or acrylic color
    glitter powder
    possibly some water

Fill the transparent glue into a bowl and add the glitter. Stir the soda and add the contact lens fluid. Stir everything with the spoon until a viscous mass is formed. Knead the mass with your hands until the slime is no longer too sticky. Fill the glitter mud into a tuft bowl and let it rest for a few hours to get its final consistency. Let your children participate, for them it is fascinating how a liquid mud is created from liquid ingredients. With the appropriate color you can also create a poisonous-green, luminous Olchi slime.

Create monster mud with babypuder

With this recipe you have to mix half a cup of PVC glue with the food color, stir well and add half a cup of babypuder or talc. If the slime does not have the desired consistency, you can add even more powder.