Look Beautiful with Cucumber

Cream of cucumber to clean the skin at night – your skin will look beautiful

Friends, as every week I like to be able to bring you information that serves you and that can somehow help you feel better, both inside and out, this time I want to share with you the best benefits that the cucumber can give us so much to feel good health to look beautiful skin and much more.

You have probably heard about masks or home remedies where the benefits of cucumber are used. And, certainly, the properties of the cucumber are very many for health and beauty.

Do you want me to tell you all the benefits this plant has? Let’s begin then …

Homemade facial cleaning – we teach you how to do it
One of the natural remedies preferred by women around the world for the beauty of the skin is undoubtedly the cucumber.
Cucumber contains agents that deflate the area around the eyes, reducing wrinkles. On the other hand is an excellent remedy to combat sunburn, treat cellulite, moisturize and protect the skin. And as if this were not enough, cucumber cream is an excellent facial cleanser, thus avoiding pore clogging and pimple formation. On the other hand the cucumber balances the PH of the skin, making it very effective for any type of complexion.
Cream of cucumber to clean the skin
But let’s see what ingredients we need to prepare this cucumber cream to clean the complexion.

Drop of lemon essence

Drops of rosehip essence

1 large cucumber (or 2 medium)

25 g of jojoba (or olive) oil

25 gr of grape seed oil


Place cut cucumber in small cubes. Do not remove the shell. Then take the pieces inside a processor.

It adds the oil of grape seeds and the oil of jojoba or olive.

Beat for a few seconds until the cucumber pieces are completely ground.

Then add the essences and mix manually.

Finally store in a glass or glass container and in a cool and dry environment.
For your application you must:

Put this cleansing cream at night (or avoid exposing to the sun for the next 6 hours). Leave on for 25 minutes and then remove with fresh water.

Repeat between 2 and 3 times a week.

Cleansing and toning cream of cucumber and egg white
In case you want this cream to be, in addition, toning the face adds to our cucumber cream 1 or 2 egg whites. Mix well and apply as usual on your skin. Let it act until the clear one dries on your face and then withdraws from one end.

For Beauty- Benefits of Cucumber

It is excellent for moisturizing the skin.
Regulates the pH of the skin, thanks to its contribution of vitamin E and essential oils. This makes it one of the natural remedies par excellence to prevent the onset of acne.
It gives shine and softness to the hair, as it has silicon and sulfur in its composition. It also promotes hair growth.
Prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
It is ideal for reducing the formation of dark circles and tired eyes.
It relieves swelling of the feet and legs avoiding fluid retention.