Internet On Tablet Pc Italians Are Spending More Time Online

Internet On Tablet Pc Italians Are Spending More Time Online

And ‘tablet-mania for Italian who carry internet in your pocket and go online much longer than before, although many do so for professional reasons, while women use the Internet primarily for shopping.

They spend many hours on the internet, are men, women, children and young people: Italians let themselves be infected by the frenzy of technology pocket and increase their state of residence on the web even during working hours, at school and college.

And ‘tablet-mania for Italians, and to confirm it is a research Fujitsu and Intel, developed by Doxa. 60% of tablet owners have definitely increased shipping time on the internet than in the period before the purchase of these devices successful.

Growing use of newspapers and magazines, now are many Italians who prefer to read the news in digital mode, about 40% of the respondents, in fact, reading the paper online, with a downside definitely negative for television: almost 30% say they look less than before, and also the news and current affairs prefer to consult them online

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