How To Treat Acne Scars

It is difficult in adolescence or adulthood when acne occurs in the face, acne can leave permanent scars on the skin for about 70% of those affected by acne. These scars worse if by piercing or fiddling with the acne.

If you have severe acne and start treatment too late, the greater the risk of scarring that is important. And when it fails to hide imperfections and relief, there are aesthetic treatment that ensures smoother skin.When embarking on cosmetic treatments for acne?

how to terat acne dan scrac

Whatever the treatment, it is best to wait always considering cosmetic procedures. In fact, the skin has amazing regenerative powers, and may fade by itself for several bulan.Biasanya by dermatologist prescribed maintenance treatment with vitamin A acid to “whiten” acne, remove surface marks and prevent the recurrence of blackheads and microkystes.Pigmented scars are not relieved but hyperpigmentation. They appeared in two forms Nano Spray MCI

Spots can reduce the redness of skin merah.Dokter using vascular laser, which emits heat and has the effect of coagulation. Two or three sessions, combined with five or six sessions LED (red light) are required.

If the stains are intense, they can be removed in pigment Laser type Q-Switched session, which destroys the pigment. Considered to be more effective by some dermatologists, superficial peel with AHA fruit acids, glycolic or salicylic acid in low concentrations, accelerate regression red mark. This causes redness, but can appear in public the next day. Two to four sessions are required, within at least two weeks. See also: superficial peeling; for soft glowing skin

None of these treatments is the replacement. Colored spots coklat.Dokter prescribe depigmentation cream with vitamin C, kojic acid and licorice (licorice English) or hydroquinone-based preparation associated with vitamin A acid, for use at night because it can cause irritation. Preparation is applied to some irregular wound bulan.Mengobati acne

They give the skin an uneven surface, makeup can not cover completely. If the scar is hidden depressed scars form a small crater on the surface of the skin. To obscure scar narrow and deep, use is lift surgery. Doctors perform “drilling” around “holes” that exist to provide for a degree of circular scalpel with local or regional anesthesia. This operation causes scab, scar repair adhesive seam. In the following weeks, the doctor Laser skin resurfacing session (Erbium laser, for example), which destroys the surface layer of the skin and the overall level.

Small U-shaped hole larger and shallower than the “ice picks” These lesions can be removed through laser types Erbium fractional ablative or non-ablative CO2. It creates small holes in the skin to stimulate the production of collagen (skin can be numbed with a cream one hour before treatment). At the exit, the skin is red for two to three days. Scabs form and makeup became possible after five days. After 3-4 sessions spaced at least two months. If the scars are raised dibangkitkan.Bekas wound surface irregularities form

As cable. To reduce these reliefs, Laser ablative (CO2, Erbium) burn the skin for a smooth surface, causing bleeding and third degree burns. For eight days, red face, raw, with ulceration. Performed with anesthesia, this technique requires a heavy bandage. After a week of work stoppage. Shaped blisters. It is hard to the touch, keloids sometimes have the appearance of cysts. For a better fade, the first doctor will inject cortisone so they collapsed. Then he fetched and stitching. Then can perform ablative laser sessions to polish the surface of the skin.