How to Remove Ants From Home With Natural Materials

Insects that like to roam at home are rather stubborn yes, for example, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and small insects that live with a lot of colonies in other words ant.

The ant itself is rather difficult to detect from where it came from. Perhaps suddenly there came a group of ants who did not know where it came from. Especially when there is sweet food, it does not take a while some ants also immediately invade the source of the sweet taste.

how to remove ant from your house

For some people the presence of some ants may not be a big problem, but for some others ants may be animals that are so annoying everyday. And that is generally done to repel these ants is by using an insect sprayer. However, using an insect sprayer is considered less powerful, because the ants will also return once more. Beyond that the impact of chemical insect sprayer is not good for the environment.

Do not worry before, there are some natural ingredients that are easy to get to repel ants from residence. Of course, some of these materials are potent and do not have a risky impact on the environment. Here’s the ingredients:


Vinegar is one of the natural ant repellents. Step wear that is fill the vinegar into the bottle and spray into all places where the entry of ants. After the vinegar is dry, repeat this system for many days. The move will also dodge the ants back into the dwelling.


Well this is one of the interesting steps. Ants will not have time to cross the lime line that has been made. Until so easy to end the path of ants wearing lime. What is needed is some common white chalk and then we just draw a line around the nest of ants.

Baby powder

This is one of the safe and easy healing places to kill ants at home. Sprinkle baby powder at each entry point. It will also block them from entering your dwelling.

Orange juice

Except for giving fresh smell to the residence, orange juice can actually be used to eradicate ants. Simply spray some orange juice into the path of ants. This is one of the most efficient and natural steps to kill ants at home.

Coffee grounds

You can try sprinkling coffee grounds around the edge of the dwelling, borne by ants will not dare to enter your house. The coffee sprinkled in the garden will keep the ant away from the plant.