How to know who stopped following me on Twitter (2017)

How to know who has stopped following you on Twitter

Follow-unfollow is one of the oldest and most useful techniques for gaining followers on social networks. The profile follows you, you follow him back and, without warning, in a day or a couple of hours, stop following you. But of course, we can not know who he was, and it would be fair to know who stopped following you so that he could stop following you, right? That is what we are going to see in this article, how to know who has stopped following you on Twitter.

We have already seen how to find out who has stopped following you on Instagram, and the performance for Twitter is exactly the same. The application that we are going to show you looks at the people who follow and those who follow you, and check which ones match. If there is someone you follow and who does not follow you back, it will show you and you can stop following if you think it appropriate. That said, let’s go to the mess.

How to know who does not follow you on Twitter

To test this article I decided to use my own Twitter profile. The application we are going to use is Crowdfire, which allows us to check who follows us on Twitter, who does not follow us, recent unfollowers and those who have followed us recently. We simply have to download the application and log in with our Twitter account.

Once we have done it we will have to click on the button of three lines that is in the upper left. There we will access all the options offered by Crowdfire. As you see we are shown a series of options, but without a doubt, the one that interests us the most is the first: “Non-Followers”. If we click there we will see what accounts we follow and do not follow us back, and we can stop following them if we consider relevant.

The other option that may be useful is the “Recent Unfollowers”. If we see that our number of followers has dropped suddenly, from that option we can see who has been the one who has stopped following us on Twitter and return the unfollow if we want. As you see, it is very easy to have more control in your Twitter account, and the best thing is that the application is free, so do not hesitate to download it and check the status of your Twitter profile.

Are there many people who do not follow us back?

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