How To Avoid Neck Pain

During sleep we are not aware of when making changes in the position and the position of the neck which one will cause neck pain in the morning on waking. Pain in the nape sometimes accompanied by dizziness very uncomfortable during activity.

Ordinary people connect this neck pain with “one pillow”. It is true one pillow position can cause muscle tension neck although it could have at bedtime we are correct to use the pillow but a change in position during sleep that causes the neck bent in a long time.

neck pain avoid

This position is wrong neck cause excessive muscle tension around the neck, nape, shoulders and surrounding areas that cause pain.

Neck pain medications / How to overcome neck pain

Most neck pain after waking harmless and mostly can heal by itself but severe neck pain and constant need of observation and medical treatment. When you suffer neck pain following things can reduce pain and speed the healing process

1. Compress Cold and Warm
Put ice in a plastic that has been given a little water and apply it on the affected areas. Giving a cold compress aims to reduce pain and inhibit the formation of lactic acid. After a cold compress proceed with warm compresses. Naturally the muscles will relax when warmed. Warm compresses on the neck which can relieve muscle tension pain in the neck. Bath with warm water can also reduce muscle tension.

2. Massage lightly
Massaging the blood flow to parts of the massage. Bantuang ask others to massage your neck and shoulders.

3. Streching
Stretching or stretching helps restore elasticity of the muscles of the neck so that the pain will be reduced. Do Streching slowly to avoid injury.

4. Therapeutic Movement
After doing streching proceed with head movement. Right moves can accelerate healing.
– Movement of the head up and down, chin up towards the ceiling and then down stick your chin on your chest wall. Do it over and over again
– At the time down, head movement kesisi right and left side. This movement will stretch the muscles of the back of the neck. Then tengadahkan sideways movement of the head and right and left to stretch the front.
– Turn your head from left to right and vice versa. Perform these movements slowly.
How to prevent neck pain
– Use a soft pillow and soft.
Soft pillow will spread the load over the entire surface of the neck and the head. In addition to avoiding crumpled neck, soft pillow also makes the blood circulation becomes more smoothly.
– Straight
At the time of going to bed should position the body tilted to keep the spine, also keep the condition of neck and head should remain in a straight line. The position of the head is not too high nor too low.