Home Remedies for Heels and Heels

Some health conditions can cause cracked heels. But the most common cause is wearing open shoes like sandals or sandals or walking on bare feet. This causes your heel skin to dry out and when you run or walk cracked dry skin with weight.

The best solution for non-cracked foot skin is to wear closed shoes and wear a moisturizer every day. But if your feet are already dry and you have cracks in the skin, you can try the treatment at home following.

Important: People with diabetes should not take this drug.
10 home remedies for cracked legs

1. Pumice stone and foot bath

Before going to sleep, soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Then rub your heels with a pumice stone, be careful not to torture the cracked area. Dead skin cells will be released little by little and will look softer skin. Then rinse your feet and dry them, you wear a moisturizer and wear socks.

This procedure is repeated every night until the desired result is achieved. If you really want to keep your feet skin soft and without crack you should start using closed shoes and also use a moisturizing cream every night.

2. Paraffin treatment

This is a prescription treatment for dry hands but can also be worn on the feet. You should be very careful because the paraffin should be warm enough to be soft but not too hot so you burn your legs. Put one or two cups of paraffin in a bowl and add a spoonful of coconut oil or olive oil. Place the water bath until paraffin is melted. Mix well to mix paraffin and oil. Pour the mixture into a container that is fit for both legs. You have to wait until the top of the paraffin looks white, it means not too hot anymore.

Once you make sure that it is not too hot, you put your foot down and let it for half an hour. After half an hour the paraffins are removed.

3. Avocado and banana cream

To make this cream, cut in half an avocado and a small banana. Mix well and apply as a mask on the heel. The legs are wrapped in plastic wrap used to cover the food and left for 20 to 30 minutes and washed. Repeat three times a week until the desired result is obtained.

4. Lemon scrub to soften hard skin

Scrub is to lift the dead skin from the heel that makes the feet feel rough and rough. This exfoliant should only be used if the skin is not much cracked because if applied to the skin open it will burn a lot.

To make this natural recipe, you have to stir half a cup of sugar with a quarter cup of lemon juice. Stir well, wet the feet and massage the skin rough and dry with exfoliation in a circular motion. Wash with water. It is repeated daily until the skin becomes fresh and soft.
5. Coconut oil

Some coconut oil eaters call it a “miracle for the skin”. Coconut oil not only helps the skin retain water, it also removes dead cells. In addition, coconut oil can help strengthen the tissue beneath the epidermis. You can massage your feet with coconut oil every night and wear socks then let it work all night.
6. Rose water and glycerin

A mixture of rose water and glycerine is very popular to soften the hands and also serves to soften the tight heels. Rose water can be made by pouring a cup of rose petals into a cup of boiling water. Let stand until cool. Then strain, remove the petals and let the water. You add two tablespoons of glycerine to the rose water and you add the mixture to the clean feet every night. You wear socks on top.

After about three nights of treatment, soak your feet in a warm water basin for about 10 minutes and with pumice stone shaved hard skin. You keep putting a mixture of rose water and glycerine at night to keep your feet soft.

7. Castor oil

Another way to soften the tight skin on the heels is with castor oil. Wipe the franelita clean with castor oil and place it with a ribbon over a dry one. It is important to note that the skin can not