Here are some great benefits of sunflower roots

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Hearing the name of the Sunflower that comes to mind we must Kuaci. Yes, Kuaci is one of the snack that comes from Sunflower seeds and is very popular by all people both children and adults because it tastes delicious, tasty and suitable to be friends to relax. The flower that comes from this superpower belongs to the oil-producing plant. Seasonal flowers are always facing towards the sun is very suitable to be planted in areas with high plains.

The extraordinary-root-of-the-sun-flower effect

Previously, did you know that the Sunflower section is not only the seeds that can be utilized? Almost all parts of the Sunflower has benefits and benefits are large enough for health in our bodies. Starting from the root, stems and leaves. The benefits of the Sunflower root are similar to those found in seeds, leaves and stems. There are even some additional benefits contained in its roots. Well, here we will share the great benefits of the roots of the Sunflower.
Benefits of Sunflower Root

Preventing Malaria

Sunflower root can be used as an antidote or anti malaria attack. To prevent and treat malaria, it would be more effective if in meramunya added marrow stem and base of Sunflower. In addition to its roots, Sunflower leaves can also be used as malaria drugs. The substance contained in it can kill the type of plasmodium vivax bacteria that enter the human blood vessel when a person is bitten by anopheles female mosquito.

Treat Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is rare, but it is included in seven non-rare cancers worldwide. The first symptoms of esophageal cancer are experiencing difficulty when swallowing food. To prevent and treat esophageal cancer traditionally, you can use Sunflower root mixed with flower base and sunflower stem marrow.

Treating Whitish in Miss V

Sunflower root is also efficacious to overcome the problem of whiteness in the feminine area. If leucor is continuously allowed to cause serious problems in the female reproductive system. Perform traditional treatments using Sunflower root to treat whitish problems.

Smooth urinate and defecate

If a person is difficult to urinate and large water will cause diseases of the digestive that can result in infection. To smooth the process of digestion, drink the water decoction of the roots of the Sunflower. Tips when you boil the roots of the Sun Flower immediately lift when boiling. Do not boil too long because it can damage the nutritional content in it.

Treating Whooping Cough

Whooping cough or chronic cough can risk a person’s life if the affected are elderly children and elderly. This cough is so easily transmitted and if not treated promptly can cause pneumonia. Sunflower root can be used as an alternative treatment to relieve chronic cough or whooping cough. How to make the potion is to boil the roots until boiling and not too long boiled. As soon as the boil is instantly raised.