Healing Properties of Papaya

Healing properties of papaya

The curative properties of papaya are numerous which, together with its delicious flavor, make it a tropical fruit very suitable for our diet.

Papaya, in addition to being characterized by its delicious taste and beautiful orange heat, supposes a rich source of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C, flavonoids, B vitamins, potassium and magnesium minerals, as well as fiber. Natural beauty. Also, this tropical fruit contains papain, which provides a wide variety of health and skin benefits. This versatile fruit can be used practically all because the papaya itself, its seed, its flowers and leaves are a source of natural medicine for various diseases. For the healing properties of papaya to have an effect on our organism, we must follow different indications according to the purpose that we want to achieve.


  • Treat constipation: eat very early and daily a large slice of papaya either natural, cooked or in liquid.
  • Eject intestinal parasites: consume daily a handful of sprayed seeds.
  • Cure cough, bronchitis and pulmonary catarrh: take an hourly infusion of seven papaya flowers. To do this, you have to boil the papaya flowers in water with sugar and then let it cool.
  • Clean and heal skin after burns and irritations: apply freshly cut papaya. In case the wound is severe, papaya leaves can be applied as a mild patch.
  • Heal colitis: consume seven seeds of papaya for one day and every three hours.
  • Dry the warts: put the milky substance on the green papaya in a cotton and apply this substance on the warts. It is advisable to repeat this process several times a day for a week.
  • Exfoliate the skin: cut the papaya and use a piece directly on clean skin by means of circular massages. Once the papaya is removed, water should be applied over the area.
  • Treat crow’s feet: beat the pulp of the papaya until you get a mask. Apply the mask on the wrinkled skin of the eyes and hold it for fifteen minutes. Then rinse the area with warm water. To take effect, this action must be repeated twice a week.
  • Remove sores from the mouth and white spots on the tongue: about three times a day, chew a slice of papaya.
  • Whitening stained teeth: Consume a slice of papaya daily.
  • Cure gastritis: liquefy a slice of papaya and a glass of natural yogurt. It is preferable to take it after the main meal of the day.
  • Combat cellulite: apply three times a week puree made with a slice of papaya and a pinch of brown sugar. To make a greater effect, you must moisten the area in which there is cellulite and apply the mixture by means of circular massages for five or ten minutes.