Get to know Botox

Your face begins to look wrinkled and begin to appear fine lines of signs of aging? Do not be overwhelmed, because at this time there is one of the more trend beauty procedure that is with Botox. Botox is actually a toxin, ie botulinum toxin type A or known as onabotulinumtoxin A. Well these toxins are produced by bacteria that cause botulism of food poisoning, but when injected in small doses of certain facial muscles, instead will become muscle relaxants and this effect on some Months ahead.

Usually known there are two forms of botulinum toxin drugs, namely Botox and Botox Cosmetic. The actual Botox is more appropriately used for certain health problems. But after experiencing the development of its function, Botox instead better known as Botox Cosmetic which is usually used to correct facial wrinkles. The mechanism of action of Botox injections that inhibit certain chemical signals from the nerves that cause muscle contraction is also targeted muscle paralysis, but the therapist or cosmetic effect.

Know Botox is usually for the affairs of facial wrinkles or slow the aging process. By paralyzing the muscles, so the muscles stop contracting. Almost 80% of this Botox success rate, so the face can look eye-catching and reduced wrinkles, in a week the results will look amazing, also last 3 months.

In addition to functioning well on the face, it turns out Botox can also be used to treat other conditions, such as bladder dysfunction, pelvic floor problems are also pain in the back and so forth. Botox is also approved as a temporary treatment for moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows. But one thing that can not be produced perfectly by this method of Botox that is wrinkles or wrinkles because it is exposed to sunlight.

Have you ever had seizures on your eyelids, or a very disturbing eye twitch? One of the solutions offered to heal with this Botox method. Also when experiencing neck pain and abnormal head position that has to do with severe muscle spasms in the neck (cervical dystonia), Botox this could be an alternative treatment. Botox treatment is usually given to patients without anesthetic, can be injected for 20 minutes and the patient can go home immediately. Here’s a glimpse of Botox, hopefully useful.