Game Outbound Malang

Outbound activities together with the spirit of the game shooting. Malang outside of the game, not just a game for fun to play begins with good intentions. Generally, outbound game course material is also used in each other, so intent outbound event realized by the maximum.
Generally game outbound Malang held in the group without any arguments, but also has the objective to create a good working relationship, increase self-confidence and leadership skills course.



training outbound malang

Most games OUTBOUND Malang, including:

1. All stand up. This game has the objective to improve working relationships. Each team is divided into at least two people in unison, after a successful teacher, some people leave, and should strive for unison again.
2. Pipe leak. This game is intended to address the problem. Participant purposes leaking pipe by means of a full, tips and teamwork have a role in this game for the contents.
3. Opposite. This game has the intention to practice concentration. Participants are divided into teams of four people minimum. Each member must hold a colleague’s shoulder. You must slide with respect to that statement. When coaches delivered in front, they must be backed up, and vice versa.
4. Blind Walk. One of the participants were blindfolded. Another member of the group members responsible to precedes done during the road with his eyes closed. The team that crosses the finish line first is the winner. The game trained labor relations as well as confidence in the team members.
5. Titanic. This game trains concentration and teamwork. Each team on the edge. Then the teacher would give unity Cypress on the board, and they all must be on board.
Well apart from a team game, there is also a simple game that adrenaline challenges, namely:
1. Spider Site. Participants will climb the rope nets like cobwebs in Labar
2. Two Line Bridge. Participants will go to a place so high in a rope bridge.
3. Flying Fox. Participants can skate with a specific corner of the altitude.
For games like the above challenges, some of the participants must wear a helmet and a life jacket.

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