Fruit and Skin Health

The skin is the wrapping of the human body. Healthy skin coveted by everyone, not to mention women, men, young or old. To get healthy skin, not a few people are willing to spend a big cost, even with the accompanying pain of anyone willing to perform various surgeries for the skin, among others, with plastic surgery, lasers and so forth. And to get healthy skin does not have to be expensive and do not have to be full of struggle. Did you know the benefits of fruits for skin health?

Good fruit to eat, refreshing as well as healthy. For the skin, the fruit is also very useful. To obtain skin supple, healthy and beautiful, the content of fiber and vitamins in the fruit play a vital role. Fiber increases the body’s metabolism, one of them in preparing the skin protein. Vitamin C contained in the fruit can improve skin elasticity and elasticity.

In addition to good to eat, some fruit is also good as a mask. Plastic acid chemicals in bananas, apples, barks are good for toning the skin. Mango, pears, apples contain vitamin E is sufficient and useful as an antioxidant to eradicate the seeds of disease that hit the surface of both the outer and in the skin. Therefore, in addition to good consumption, fruit with vitamin E is suitable used as a mask ingredient that works to clean and reduce inflammation or skin irritation caused by microorganisms.

Fruits for skin health with thousands of benefits make our pockets do not have to be drained away to buy expensive cosmetics and treatment. Cucumber and watermelon efficacious brighten the skin if worn as a mask, and give the skin freshness if consumed.

Bengkoang, known to brighten the skin and provide protection against ultra violet rays. Bengkoang has the content of rotenone, vitamin B and vitamin C. Kiwifruit with vitamin E content and strawberry fruit with essential oil content, dika mixed as a good mask to moisturize dry skin and free skin from acne. So already know that the efficacy of fruit for skin health?