Doll House Kit

With a variety of dollhouse companies that offer beautiful dollhouse designs, it’s easy to let visual interpretations of dollhouse fixtures keep your mind fulfilled for you. There are a few things you should know when choosing doll house supplies.

There are basically two types of wooden equipment on the market today.

Die Cut Doll home kit – For those of you not familiar with this term, I’ll try to explain how it works. You start with a thin piece of plywood, usually about 1/8 to 1/4 “thick.The plywood should be thin enough to allow a large” Die “to be pressed onto the plywood, which effectively prints the wood harga mdf into a complex. , Form your dollhouse.

Die Cut houses traditionally offer more elaborate design options and intricate trim. These houses are best suited for collectors because the plywood is not thick enough to be playable with weight. Collectors love design elements and are ready to spend the extra time required in sanding, filling and finishing tab design and slots. These kits just need glue to hold them. The most popular Dolls Dolls Company in North America today is the dollhouse of Greenleaf and Corona Concepts.

Glass plywood grade plywood – 3/8 “plywood is commonly used in this equipment.The assembly includes small nails as well as glue.These houses are much sturdier to play with, and are usually simpler in design than a slaughterhouse. – higher end homes are stunning with work components, turning porch shafts and many elements that mimic their bigger spouses perfectly.Expertised plywood exterior on this device can be painted, plastering can be added, or you can add original wooden boards For a very realistic look The Real Good Toys in Vermont is the largest and most respected home-based greenhouse in North America today.

Milled MDF – Similar to a milled solid plywood housing MDF (medium density fiberboard), engineered wood products formed by breaking softwood into wood fiber, combined with wax and resin, and shaped into panels by applying temperature and pressure. It’s much denser than ordinary particle board. These MDF sheets are cut similar to plywood, but they offer a unique difference. “On the side” a dollhouse can be milled directly to the outside wall of the MDF device, creating a realistic exterior exterior when painted.

The MDF is heavy, will withstand a reasonable amount of play and will also bring nails for assembly. Dura-Craft has mastered the dollhouse market of MDF for years, and their deaths have left a hole in the doll market. Real Good toys now offer many of their doll house supplies with finishing options of fine plywood or MDF, depending on consumer choice.