Diet Tips For Eye Healthy

To have a healthy eye of course we must choose foods that contain vitamins and proteins for optimal eye health. Vision is one of the most vital human senses. In everyday life the eye is used to see things that are useful for human life. What kind of food is suitable for the eyes? Here are healthy diet tips for the eyes as your recommendation.

The first tip is to increase the intake of foods containing antioxidants. Research suggests that people who consume less antioxidants experience more vision reduction than those who consume lots of anti-oxidants. These antioxidants such as vitamin C contained in fresh fruits, vitamin E in vegetable oils and other nutrients such as spinach or mustard greens.

The next tip that is included in healthy diet tips for the eyes is to consume whole eggs. Do not just eat the eggs yellow or white only with a reason to avoid the cholesterol content in it. Actually, people who consume two eggs every day will increase the content of lutein and zeaxanthin that circulate in the body without increasing the bad cholesterol.

Eat more seafood because seafood contains fish fat that is a key component of nerve cells in the retina. Concentrations are found more in the retina than in other organs.

You may also consider the consumption of supplements. Although it is best to get nutrients from fresh foods, but supplements help lower the risk of disease that may come to you. The eye is also associated with blood pressure. When increased blood pressure will result in damage to the blood vessels.

This damage affects blood flow to the eye and makes it difficult for nutrients to reach the retina. Damage to the blood vessels can also make it difficult for the body to expel the free radicals contained in certain foods. Reducing body weight will help the blood vessels deliver nutrients to every organ of the body.

Body fat is a storehouse for fatty nutrients that are water soluble and excess tissue can act as a container for eye protection nutrition. That was some healthy diet tips for the eyes as a useful recommendation for you