Diet Menu A Week with Food Combining Method

For those of you who are undergoing weight loss program, arrange diet menu a week can be easy-easy hard. This time we will try to arrange diet menu in a week based on food combining method. What is food combining? Andang W. Gunawan as a practitioner as well as a food combining expert in Indonesia in his book Food Combining: The Combination of Food Diet for Slim and Healthy Eating states that food combining is a way of regulating food intake that is aligned with the natural mechanism of the digestive system to digest the food .

In food combining, known combinations of matching and mismatched foods. With food combining, we will strive to consume only a combination of matching foods so that our digestive system can process them properly and create ideal conditions in the body where the whole metabolic process goes smoothly and normally. In other words, with food Diet catering bandung combining we do not focus on how many kilograms of weight we will dispose of.

The purpose of food combining is to restore the body to a good metabolic state. If the body’s metabolism is good, then by itself the body will regulate its ideal body weight. When the body’s metabolism is good, the body will burn fat and at the same time provide nutrients for skin and muscle tissue. So, after applying food combining, we will not be just skinny, but slim with tight muscles and tight.

Sample Diet Menu A Week with Food Combining Method
Food combining is known as the most flexible diet because you do not have to count the number of calories in food, change certain food recipes, or limit the amount of food eaten (although it is advisable to break down small portions but often than to eat in one time
Here is a sample diet menu a week with food combining methods that you can follow, quoted from the book Food Combining: Food Combination Diet for Slim and Healthy Eating. You certainly do not have to follow the menu below in a raw, modifikasiah accordance with your likes and the availability of materials that are around you.

Afternoon: Grilled chicken coriander seasoning, clear tofu soup, lettuce onion sauce.

Night: Chow fried rice, cakue sweet chicken sauce, fresh cucumber and chilli sauce.

Afternoon: Vermicelli vegetables, tempe curry, rice, gendar crackers plus lalap and sambal.

Night: Mongolian goat Oseng, hibiscus curry lumpia, green lettuce and oriental sauce.

Lunch: Tofu eggs sauce soy sauce, spinach garlic cloves, red crackers plus salad and chili sauce.

Night: Spice rice, tomato sauce peppers, chips with salad and chilli sauce.

Afternoon: Rawon chickpeas, tofu chili tofu cake, rice, sago crackers plus salad and chili sauce.

Night: Sate garlic prawns, tamarind, lettuce.

Afternoon: Manado Porridge, sambal dabu-dabu lilang

Night: Beef kebab, spicy spicy eggplant, special caesar lettuce

Noon: Chicken crisp, tofu oyster sauce, lettuce

Night: Curry seasoning fried rice, corncakes, crackers

Afternoon: The fish team, sauteed vegetable oyster sauce, mushroom lettuce plus oriental sauce