Create a Simple Playground

Creating a simple play ruamh should be a fun project for the family. Choosing a location should consider the slope of the land, shade trees, soil drainage and so on. The summer sun can turn a playhouse for children into an unsafe heat box. You want a flat area to place the playground so you do not have to spend the day to level the ground. Once everything is ready, you have to decide what style of play the kids want and how much your budget will be covered. Is this an old playhouse harga mdf or just one weekend?

Grand kids for the weekend and need a place to play? With some straps, tarp and maybe some old plywood we can knock the playground about an hour later. If you have some fairly close trees, tie the rope between them about six feet above the ground. Now place the plywood on the eight-foot side about two feet behind the rope line and tighten it upright to form the back wall of the playhouse. Now with the help of a maid, place the tarpaulin above the line of clothes that hangs on the plywood and down to the ground on either side. Let the front face open. If you have some tent pegs, tighten the tarp to the ground or put some heavy wooden planks along the side of the tarp to hold it in place. Our bingo has a temporary playhouse big enough for some kids to make a fort or castle.

Hay bal or other items to decorate it, just adds to the fun. As soon as the kids get home, you can waste a playhouse in minutes. Other simple playgrounds can be made from tool cartons. Children seem to love them. You should visit a local dealer and ask them to keep a box as it usually flattens it every day as they unpack their shipments. If you can land a refrigerator carton that makes a big house. Invite the children to pull the door and some windows and then cut it with your utility knife leaving the lid. That way they can close when the “storm” comes or night arrives. My kids play for hours in their cardboard house and if it’s dried, it will last for days.

They can decorate it with some kids coloring sticks or crayons and adding more fun to their game. A third, more difficult option is to build a wooden playhouse but even a simple one can be a job. The average homeowner can build a square plywood box and add a warehouse roof with simple hand tools even though circular saws for plywood will be excellent. Build a four-foot box with four feet four feet in front and three and a half feet behind. Side wall slope. Brace each corner with two vertical four. Make sure no screw or nail protrudes anywhere because a small body can hurt them. Check twice every corner. Place two-quarters around the four sides of the box on the roof making nailer for plywood roof sheets. Add the roof sheets that hold it to the nail.

I have not cut the doors and windows out now. If you save the playhouse temporarily add some kind of roof cover to the waterproof box. Asphalt wheels are cheap and only need two layers to cover the size playhouse. Do not nail roofing material to the house. Nails will stick to plywood and can cause serious injuries to the head. Use adhesive on the tin to hold the roofing material in place. Have the children decorate their new playground using latex paint and some of their old clothes. They will have a ball that helps you and in that way will make it their own place. Placing a finished box on a small tarpaulin will make the inside drier and the kids a little cleaner. Without the second floor people should be able to lift and move the playhouse.