Choose Where: Natural Dog Food Or Food?

Maintain or take care of a dog is very dependent on the food we provide. There are theories that say that the quality of a dog anatomy derived from genetic brought 50% of parents and 50% of care and maintenance. Care and maintenance such as exercise and nutrition was very instrumental in shaping the anatomy of a good dog. Dogs that have a genetic or bloodline special will not grow well if given exercise and poor nutrition. Which we will discuss in this article is about nutrition or food in what form will we give to our dog.

There are two types of food we can give, dog food ready to eat or food of our own (home made).Each of these types of foods above have advantages and disadvantages.

Dog Food Fast

Now widely available variety of brands and types of dog food of low quality with low price to high-quality (of course) the price is expensive. Consumers just choose a dog food according to the budget or the most suitable and preferred by the dog. About Dog

Excellence Dog Food Fast

1. Practical.

Consumers do not need to waste time to cook because of dog food purchased ready-to-eat and can be stored in the long term.

2. Dosing Proper Nutrition.

Consumers do not need to calculate how much protein, fat, or carbohydrate is right for the dog. There are many options for dog puppies to older dogs.

3 . Complete Nutrition.

Dog food ready to eat despite inferior quality own complete nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and other substances needed by dogs. Not required extra food or additional supplements if recommended by your veterinarian.

Fast Dog Food Shortage

1. Price.

Dog food ready to eat normally packaged in 500 gram sizes up to 25 Kilograms. For the smallest packaging usually the price per kilo will be more expensive than the price per kilo packs 25 Kilograms. If consumers choose the most substantial packaging in order to get a cheaper price per kilo, consumers are required to spend money in a very large amount of money at the beginning of the purchase.

2. Chemicals.

To keep the nutrients contained in dog food needed preservatives. Chemical preservatives will damage the health of the dog for long periods of time. Dogs who eat dog food with chemical preservatives (usually) will suffer from various diseases such as cancer or a tumor of his age. To get dog food that does not use chemical preservatives, consumers must pay more to buy dog food that uses natural preservatives such as rosemary extract or dog food wrap packaging that uses materials from aluminum foil to maintain quality dog food in it.

Natural foods

The natural food or home made typically consist of a mixture of meat, vegetables, and other sources of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, or corn. There also are giving the human food to dogs. Typically, dogs are more like natural foods or leftovers employer than dog food ready to eat. Excellence Natural Foods

1. Healthy.

Natural foods are generally healthier and better for the dogs because they do not use chemicals such as flavoring agents, dyes, or chemical preservatives. Nutrients contained therein is more easily digested by dogs, easing the work of digestion.

Natural food shortages

1. Not Practical.

The food must be prepared in advance of the cuts of meat or vegetables until the cooking process that requires considerable time.

2. Price.

To meet the nutritional needs of adult Rottweiler dog required at least 1 Kilogram of chicken or beef every day. At least can be calculated costs per day to maintain an adult Rottweiler dogs.

3. Nutrition unbalanced.

You may think, the nutrients your dog has been fulfilled by providing a considerable amount of meat, but dogs not only need the nutrients from meat but also from vegetables and carbohydrates. Not to mention the matter of levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories and others. The nutritional requirements of dogs are very different depending on the age, breed, activity, and so forth.

Back to the questions above, what kind of food will we give to our dog? It all depends on your choice, choose to suit your needs and abilities.

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