Be careful not to take care of skin shoes

Synthetic leather or synthetic leather has more shining properties than other skin types.
Shadow is a feature of this movie. This film is called Leather or Patent Leather “

Patent Leather is a fine leather made of genuine leather or sometimes synthetic leather.
The last step in the process of bleaching and varnishing. Then the results come out that result in the film.
Skin glow from other skin types. Another film that jual sepatu converse we often see many brands.
Used Leather Patent to produce various brands. Let’s see. Casual & Luxury always.
With sleek and slim profile.

Patent Skin by brand

Patent Skin Maintenance

For Patent Skin or skin with varnish on the skin. Make movies have that feature.
More gloss than on skin or other skin. For glass treatment, keep alive.
Make skin look shine and protect the fall of skin. We will offer it with Saphir Beaute products.
Vernis Rife All-in-one, Keep the glasses, things clean
Dirty and also adds luster to the film. All cover for Leather Patent
One of the world’s number one skin care products from France. And brands that are Shoe lovers.
& Shoes Maker worldwide believe it is “Saphir”

Saphir Overview for PATENT

► Saphir Products for Skin Patent: Skin Patent

Saphir Production for Shell Cordovan

► Addition: additional equipment used for polishing

Added production to shell

▦ Patent Skin Care Medthods

Patent skin care routine consists of two main steps:
1. Clean & Condition: Cleaning stains and dirt and nourish the skin.
2. High Gloss Finish By Cloth Buffing: Sapphire Vernis Rife on the skin.


The first step in treating Skin Patent is to clean the dirt. By cleaning
It begins by cleaning the dust on the skin, shoes with a horsehair brush, and then the next step.
It cleanses stains such as liquid stains, wax stains, jean stains with Saphir Vernis Rife.
It is All in one product that offers comprehensive cleaning and skin care capabilities.

Steps for Clean and Condition

1. Unloading the shoe tree and dab a shoe tree. Then use a horse brush to collect dust on the skin.
2. Clean stains, wax stains, mud stains, various liquids. Saphir Vernis Rife
3. Touch the solution in small amount and gently wipe the shoe area, let the solution dry for 3-5 minutes.

Patent Leather

Brush with my horsehair brush

Brush with a horsehair brush II

Vernis Rife

Apply Saphir Vernis Rife


The procedure after cleansing the skin with Saphir Vernis Rife, followed by polishing skin Patent Skin.
By polishing, use a dry, polished cotton cloth and rub it all over the original Saphir Vernis Rife area.
This film has aspects. After the new solution. While wiping with the cotton will gradually make the film shine.
Saphir Vernis Rife is available in a choice of colors suitable for skin tones, such as black. Choose Varnish
Rife black, and for other colors that are recommended natural (Natural).

Steps to High Gloss & Finish By Cloth Buffing

1. After using Saphir Vernis Rife and let dry for 3-5 minutes.
2. Use a cotton cloth to wipe the shoe area to shine. From the original look after Saphir Vernis Rife.
3. Scrub with cotton scrub again quickly. To make the film shine more.




Poland with Pate Wax finish


1. The process of using polishing cloth after dry cleaning is an important step. You should remove the stain on the layer on the outbound film.
If you spend more time and getting polished it will add more shine.
2. Use of Saphir Vernis Rife is recommended to touch the cloth in a volume that is not too large. Otherwise, it could lead to accumulation.
A large amount of liquid in the skin And produce Gloss Fin Glitter paint makes this film more difficult to shine.

How to care for leather shoes

Shoes are one of the important items. Both men and women are interested in buying as well as handbags, but shoes are shoes that we least interest. If not in detention, not for long. If you are interested in extending the jual sepatu converse life of leather shoes, please young girl today, housekeeper has a way to take care of her shoes.

Keep shoes in the box at all times. A shoe box will help keep your shoes dusty. Do not take off your shoes. Without anything

Do not put shoes in the box immediately after using sweat from feet after use. Will make leather shoes If you immediately enter the box it will smell. Should be placed in a ventilated place. Wait until the sweat dries. Then continue

Put in shoes or push shoes. If not, then use rolls of newspaper and then put in shoes. To keep shoes in shape. Put Soft Shoes This will make the movie easily.

Do not wear the same shoes every day. Must have spare shoes. Pairs to put together. Keep some shoes Do not use shoes that are too heavy.

Spray water solution before wearing. This will help prevent dirt, dust and moisture when worn.

Clean any type of leather shoes. Remove stains at any time after use. With each type of leather shoes it will be clean clean differently. Leather shoes Use a sandpaper paper sanded gently, then rub with a towel or clean cloth and skin care. To make skin softer “leather leather shoes” using a skin cleanser. Wipe clean with clean cloth and skin care. Will make skin soft No stretch marks Cover with dust skin protection mudguard, “leather shoes” use a brush to clean up the dirt. Then use a cloth moistened with a skin cleansing cream. Wipe a little polish and wait until dry, then put in storage.

Wipe the inside of the shoe. Use a damp cloth to clean the whole body. Then let it dry. Just a few steps you will have a pair of shoes for a long time anyway.

In all peppers are rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, iron potassium, which in vitamin A helps feed the eyes. But if you try to consume fresh peppers, they usually get vitamin C better than eating chili that is cooked because vitamin C decomposes when heated. Or if someone suffering from flu, asthma, nasal congestion, relax cold. Stimulate appetite

In addition, the hot spicy capsaicin capsicum, caused by capsaicin, may help prevent the liver from making bad cholesterol. But it strengthens good cholesterol. It also helps to have a good mood. Because capsaicin will stimulate the central brain to release endorphins. It is a substance to create happiness. In addition, endorphins also have morphine-like effects. Actively causes relaxation. And feels like sleep Including chili also helps those who suffer from asthma, colds or sputum capsules also help expand the nasal cavity. It helps open the airway. And helps improve blood circulation. Reduce the clogging of blood vessels. And reduce the pressure well.

Technique of taking care of your favorite pair of shoes in the rainy season.

Rain visit, many girls worry before going home. For fear of a pair of shoes, please wet, rain, dirty … Oh, makeup dress up beautiful, but surely fall to dead horse in his sandals! A pair of beautiful shoes back to sleep in the closet!

Republic shoes offer a simple shoe care method. During the rainy season, I left it. If a pair of shoes, please stop the rain until wet. How to care for your baby shoes with us for a long time.
The rain is not shocked with 5 steps to take care of the shoe in the rain from Republican Shoes.

1. Dry your shoes dry!

Wet shoes If not dry to dry. May cause mold or smell instead! So first of all When is home The first thing to do is. Use a clean cloth or brush for cleaning shoes. Bring the mop and clean it first. Then put the shoes into a beautiful shape. Then use a tangled paper sheet. Tight into shoes. Then take your shoes to dry in the air that has been ventilated through the air for about a day. By leaning the shoes vertically to the wall. To make the floor and heel dry.

☂☂ Attention ☂☂

Do not bring your shoes straight into the sun. Although it helps dry your shoes faster. But this sudden temperature change. May damage material used to make shoes damage it.


2. Clean the shoes back beautifully.

When his shoes are completely dry. Use the brush to clean the shoe from the dirt again. Then use a soft cloth. Apply cream or foam. Clean the fit with the type of shoe. Clean up the rest of the dirt.

3. Care about leather shoes for a long time.

Shoes made of leather Use a cream that is suitable for that skin type, then apply a thin layer then use a soft dry cloth to polish luster other than new leather shoes. It also helps to nourish and prevent the opening of materials as well.

4. How to fix it properly.

Keep shoes away from direct sunlight and good ventilation. Place silica gel into shoebox. This will further heal and extend shelf life. On the other hand, if you keep his shoes in an unventilated bag or box, and keep them near moisture. This will make shoes break easily. And life will shorten it.

5. Protect from rain and dirt before next use.

Water sprays and impurities are applied to the shoe surface before use. This will help protect your pair of shoes, do not smudge and rain. Dirt can occur from subsequent use.

Recognize techniques and good steps. To keep this type of shoes. If a pair of these shoes please wash the rain, do not worry anymore. Or try Shoes Series from Republic Shoes for use in the rainy season. This will help the girls. Comfortable Do not worry about wet boots to rain it

Clown Funny princess that Honeycomb really Comforter Congestion

There are ways people to seek sustenance, in Jakarta for example, the streets are always jammed. Congestion is used as a means to develop creativity in making money.

As performed by a group of people in the video below, which made the Kostum Badut to be an entertainer when a traffic jam. Jakarta clown costume is indeed very funny, made very large head with a pitiful face then clown was preoccupied with rocking dangdut, consequently, a funny clown who managed to make people entertained and laugh. This funny clown video can also be viewed on youtube, as can be seen below. Related tags: clown Bandung, clown funny youtube, clown funny clown funny videos, funny clown rocking dangdut, funny clown birthday, clown dancing rocking dangdut, stuffed clown, clown costume funny photo funny clown, clown funniest, clothing clown, clown entertainer when congestion, funny clown red devil red devil when congestion entertainer, funny clown red devil red devil hilarious really.

Clowns Funny princes The Laugh Jockey Entertainer In Jakarta
Funny Kostum Badut princes who Kocak Banget Comforter When Congestion Jakarta

I think this is one of the creative ways that can be made to make money. Not only by begging, because actually begging was extremely reprehensible and as much as possible avoided. No matter how bad our condition is, do not let us beg for it. Try to make creative ideas to make money, God willing, there will always be a way.

The clowns from Latin America Gathered in a Clown Convention

But the people who earn a living from this profession have to fight back, they hope to keep the negative image that has succeeded their livelihood.

Hoi, a professional clown at a Mexico city convention, told Reuters: “There are more good clowns bad bad clowns, the clowns show we are good people and do our best work.”
The Argentine clown called the Fluorescent Plug says, “I do not see anything funny about it.”
Others are concerned about the safety of professional clowns. Tomas Morales, president of a clown organization Brotherhood of Latino Clowns, said, “If people read in the news that we are bad, they can take a machete or weapon and kill a clown.”
Clowns deny killing drug dealers
Clowns from Latin America are plagued by controversy in 2013, as they gather at the annual convention and deny the allegations one of their colleagues is responsible for killing a former Mexican drug cartel leader.
Among the clowns who thought that at that time their costumes were often stolen and then used to commit crimes.
Annual clown meetings-ordinary boys know him as a “Kings of Laughter” convention, bringing together professional clowns from across the continent.
There are about 10,000 appropriate professional clowns in Mexico, according to the Latin American Clown Association.

Hot Colognes For Men




Men love to scent excellent just as high as ladies do. The majority of males want an unique yet classy aroma to impress the women of their lives. We prefer to dress for success and that normally includes a fit, a great watch, shoes, as well as also top it off with a terrific fragrance for males. Choosing these things can be simple for some however actually difficult for a lot of men that lack design. Some tips for picking a great style for clothes or footwears could be done by taking a look at guys’s magazines or fashion stores. As for the fragrance you will certainly should test different ones using fragrance testers to identify if it is appropriate for you. Personal preference is necessary with your decision however you may want to ask the ladies in your life. They are the ones that will certainly assist you one of the most. One piece of suggestions is to not rely on the attractive sales female with your option. She is just intending to make the sale.

Several of the very best scents out now include Antidote by Victor and also Rolf which is a classic remarkable fragrance that you will such as using for any event. Diesel Fuel Permanently is a manly yet fresh scent that is good for those rough neck individuals without a great deal of style. An additional great cologne is Kenzo by Tokyo which is a concoction of various points like eco-friendly tea, sap, ginger lemon, as well as pink peppers. Another tempting and also seductive aroma is Givenchy by Givenchy which uses a contemporary serenity you will adore. Other fantastic aromas you may intend to try consist of Infusion d’Homme by Prada, Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci, Roadster by Cartier, and also Silver Mountain Water by Creed.

Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Optical Effect

Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Optical Effect

Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 optical effect. Forget the cold colors and sad. To this cold season the designers give us bright shades and give rein to the geometric patterns, floral and graphic elements for optical fashion insignia of contrasts.

A super trendy look made of rows and prints taste seventies Celebrities, as always, have already taken steps to add to their outfit a fashion made of circles and spirals, all full of color. The cabinets are filled with colored garments that resemble the paintings of pop art, optical illusions with the result of the perfect marriage between lines and shades circles become squares and then transformed again into circles, in a set of bright colors and spirals that run through clothes , coats and bags. A three-dimensional game that deceives and fun as that proposed also in line Desigual.

Purple and fuchsia, orange and red are the colors used for an explosion of joy. No shortage prints and surreal designs of skirts, dresses, but also accessories such as bags, shoes and backpacks for those in look focusing on the details. The optical patterns capture attention in a swirling effect, while the geometric cuts define new symmetries and abstract prints back in fashion.

Burberry Prorsum at Blugirl through Chanel are many different brands to have done just that trend. Giambattista Valli, for example, proposes the rows pinstriped version on a pair of soft pants with a high waist. These quirky grounds are located on each piece of clothing, from accessories to pants, the top, shirts and sweaters. The lines are also the protagonists on long coats and oversized multicolor version and asymmetrical cuts, prints decorating wool clothes and short jackets which are mixed rock and casual mood with a more ethnic flavor.

Balmain bets on black and white combinations of lines and diagonals. The eccentric Moschino brings in business suit bicolor boardwalk for a fun animal; Lacoste prefer the geometric style, while Acne Studios returns to the black and white contrast in graphic key like a true work of art. Also lines for Jean Paul Gaultier, who does not betray its nature eccentric and offers them in a rock version, full of colorful red, white and black. Optical reasons also for dresses from casual taste.The Musée Rodin, chosen as the venue for the Dior fashion show, it seems a spaceship candid, with many white orchids in the background.

Browse through fogallery to discover the fashion trends autumn-winter 2014-2015 optical effect!

Xmas Present For Males



Women like offering gifts to their special guys. Picking the perfect gift for your cherished doesn’t need to bore. In fact, there are a variety of gifts that you can choose. It can get extremely complex because there are a great deal of choices that you can choose from. Rate wise, comparable things have different costs depending upon their high quality so if you’re seriously considering your budget, you can choose one that best matches your resources. Typical gifts for guys include neckties considering that there you have a great deal of choices and also they could be conveniently appreciated as they are important to every man’s wardrobe. So if you have a great deal of male pals or a special male in your life, you could give neckties as a present. It can be your ideal option as well as you’ll never ever fail with it. Silk ties are extra costly than silk ties from China without endangering top quality. If you desire, you can select an elegant brand however be ready to spend the extra money.

If you are not a follower of neckties, after that you could also acquire handbags. They can likewise ready gifts for men. A leather pocketbook is constantly an ideal selection with choices from low-cost leather to well-known ones. Once again, your spending plan is your primary consideration. If you’re vegan and want to prevent ruthless murder of reptiles, there are handbags that are constructed from artificial leather. They are a lot more economic in terms of prices as well as make dramatically excellent presents for males.

Fragrance sets could also be considered. It is rather very easy to discover, as well. Simply go to your local men’s store and voila! There are hundred of males’s fragrances that you can pick from. If you desire, you could select from perfumes with fancy containers as this includes additional attract your gift although beware. If you’re going to pick fragrances depending on it’s bottle form or style, you might also should consider its fragrance. If it’s for your unique male and also you desire him to use your present usually, attempt to pick that is nasal pleasant. You do not wish to wind up lightheaded after a supper day, do you?

Naturally, choosing the excellent present would constantly depend on how much you understand the recipient. It is very important to consider things that he could or might not desire so you will be led with the important things that you can and also can deny. In acquiring neckties, you could wish to consider this favorite color so you can be assured that the connection that you bought will certainly constantly be put on in the workplace or in laid-back celebrations. Bear in mind likewise of his fashion sense. He could not be very vulgar about his style sensibility thus, neckties with novelty-like styles or style may not be a best choice.

As for handbags, consider how your recipient usages his wallet. Does he shop invoices and calling cards on them? Does he have a variety of credit cards? If he does, you could want to pick a budget that supplies enough storage space for his plastics as well as papers.

Top five hints for dressmaker purse care

Top five hints for dressmaker purse care. Designer handbags are quite valued is not simply because of the amount spent by the owner for the handbags but also because it indicates a person’s lifestyle. In this respect, preserving these designer handbags clean-living and in proper case should indeed be done more than the usual store-and-use process of the container .

Here are the top 5 handbag caution tips-off that you should know :

1. The interior of the container deserves some handbag care in a nature that whenever it is being scavenged, all of the interior “mustve been” drew out gently. From there, a soft brush will allow us to clean its entire insides. Food crumbs like chocolate corpuscles that are generally stick to the nylon cloth of the container and other stains should be cleaned with warm water and a soft rag .

2. Whenever your designer handbags have zippers, these is advisable to be very well maintained because these inhibit things together. toko grosir tas ransel Remember, the designer handbag “wouldve been” impractical without such zippers. Zippers can be lubricated and kept away from exposure to water by exploiting beeswax, which is also readily available in hardware places .
Top five hints for dressmaker purse care
3. The next act that should be given attention is the administer of the container. Overstuffing the container can injury the administer because not all directs can hold heavy stuff. Designer handbags can be sensitive at times and therefore the owner should know its capacity and stick to it to make its life longer. Lotion can sometimes stain light-colored directs and therefore, proper caution should be observed .

4. The exterior of the container is likewise as important as the majority of members of its parts because it’s what establishes it beautiful. Whenever it’s raining, it should be kept away from water, but if it does get wet, do not wipe the handbag since it’s better to use a dry cotton rag to absorb the water. Wiping can cause abrasions on the surface area of the container .

5. Of trend, collecting the container in the right place is important. When not in use,, bubble covers can be used to maintain the shape of the designer handbag, specially leather handbags. Remember, situating them simply anywhere for long periods can wrinkle its skin-deep and represent them absorb the smell of the surrounds. Wrapping them with cotton pillowcases may be beneficial for preventing them from absorbing the smell of the smothering domain .

Another thing to remember is to keep liquids away from the handbag. Liniments and pas sanitizers should be placed inside a zip-locked receptacle so when these situations seep, the handbag won’t get wet. Cleaning handbags may be very easy to do, and scavenging handbags on your own can save money from buying handbags every now and then .

Small Cosmetic Bag : That Cosmetic Bag Might Function as the Correct Selection?

Small Cosmetic Bag : That Cosmetic Bag Might Function as the Correct Selection? For the status of women, the most important entry in her purse is her makeup purse. It contains all the knick dexterities and trash that will help her get through her epoch. Though a cosmetic pouch is not deemed important, it is actually a crucial fragment for a girl or the status of women to keep trash organized .

Whether you should go for a Small Cosmetic Bag or a big one depends on the number of indispensable items “youre using”. There are a few women who carry about three to four lipsticks and lip solaces, for these women, carrying big cosmetic handbags was imperative. But, you should often use keep a few items in your toiletry pouch. These will allow us to prissy you up in an instant and to hoard your makeup trash .
Small Cosmetic Bag : That Cosmetic Bag Might Function as the Correct Selection?
Read the following pointers to understand which pouch would suit your lifestyle and personal comfort :

1. Decode your personal style :

Whether you like a simple, clear pouch or you want to mirror your personal style, you can easily use the makeup bag to showcase your style. There are a number of stores in the market which sell handbags is dependent on the latest fashions. Even designer makeup purse was available grosir tas ransel anak murah. The internet is a perfect resource to search for a makeup bag that you like. Not simply are they cheaper now, but you are eligible to look a much bigger collection on such websites .

2. Which width ?

This is the most difficult question faced by a woman. Whether she demands a humongous pouch or an itsy-bitsy one depends on the number of things she wants to carry or whether she demands it as a standalone pouch. If she wants to carry it inside another purse, then it would be best to choose a minuscule makeup bag or else if she wants to carry a lot of trash( this is especially for makeup masters ), they can buy bigger ones .

3. Buy ones which have practicality :

Instead of buying makeup purse which are just a style account and perform no role, buy a pouch which has a number of compartments and partitions to include big items like nail clippers or ear buds. A functional and sturdy makeup bag is much better than something which costs a bombard and is not perform any purpose. Nowadays, brides buy makeup bags which can also double up as a hanging toiletry pouch. This is much more convenient when you are the travelling genus. A hanging pouch will give you the informality of access and you will likewise not run anything in the bag. A Hanging Toiletry Bag is a much better alternative for a makeup bag and you can buy it at any of the very near stores in your municipal .

4. What fabric should a good makeup bag be ?

First and foremost, make up handbags, instead of being showy should be functional and rugged. Most of them are carried on to showers, and thus need to be made of the best waterproofed fabric. It’s always better to select the one which are able to folded. Ones made of cloth or fabric often get impaired when a cream disclose or a nail varnish oozes down on the coating. So, do not utter the cardinal mistake of to purchase a pouch made out of cloth .