Carrots addition to Myriad Benefits For Healthy Eyes

Among other types of vegetables, including carrots felt it was the most popular types of vegetables. Sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Suitable once used as a healthy snack. If you are not fond of this rabbit’s favorite vegetable, you belong to a group that loses money. Therefore, you lose the benefits provided many carrots for health. Want to continue to lose money? Of course not. Immediately began to like vegetables this one.

So far, we know that carrots are good for eye health. Perhaps no one knows if the plants are able to grow at all this season has a myriad of benefits to cure diseases, not only improves weak eyesight.

Daucus carota is another name for the plant carrots. The plant thrives in a mountainous area with cool temperatures and moist air at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Plants from temperate countries (sub-tropical) of Near East Asia and Central Asia, has the form of a set of wet leaf stem frond (leaf stalk) that emerged from the fruit base (root tuber).

Carrots are like the soil loose and fertile, has a value of a high content of Vitamin A in the amount of 12 000 SI. Other substances contained in carrots include calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, beta carotene, iron, vitamin B 1, and vitamin C.


The content of carotene and vitamin A in carrots is excellent to help prevent night blindness and improve vision weak. Not only for the eyes, the content of beta carotene may also prevent and treat cancer, high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels and remove the wind from the body. While the high content of antioxidants carotene can combat the effects of pollution and passive smokers. Carrots also proved to be good for the heart seizures, eczema and pinworms. Sores in the mouth, bad breath, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers can be cured even by chewing the leaves of carrots.


* Eczema: Grate 1 carrot, then add 1 teaspoon of whiting, stirring until evenly distributed. Paste this mixture on the affected part and then wrapped with a bandage. Or it could also drink a solution of 3 bulb carrots grated and brewed with 2 cups cooking water. Drink this solution 2 times a day.

* Seizures Heart: grated carrots until soft then squeeze with 2 cups of water. Add 2 tablespoons of honey, and 1 piece of palm sugar in water carrot juice, then stir well. Drink this solution 1 a day.
To obtain the maximum benefits of carrots that must be considered is smart to choose the carrot. Choose a color carrot rather young and bright. This indicates that the carrot is still young and fresh.
Here is a list of the benefits of carrots you need to know. Who knew there was a recipe that you need.

Take 500 grams of carrots washed and cut into pieces, put some boiled water, then blended. Strain, and drink immediately. Try to regularly drink water carrot 3 times a day.

Overcoming fever in children:
Take 200 grams of carrots then wash clean. Grate and squeeze until the juice out. Boil the juice, drink while warm.

Overcoming burns:
Carrots until finely ground and applied to the burn. Do it as often as possible until the wound is not hot.

Cure cough:
Take a carrot then wash and grate. Give a few tablespoons of hot water and wring it out. Add a little palm sugar, stir until smooth. Drink 2 times a day.

Cope with menstrual pain:
250 gr wash carrots and cut into pieces. Add a little water, then lenders. Try to drink this concoction at least 2 times a day.

Overcoming constipation:
Take 2 young carrots then wash and grate. Add 2 tablespoons of lukewarm water and a little salt, then squeeze. Drinking water 2 times a day.

Smooth face:
Take 2-3 peeled carrots clean, then wash and grate. Then directly apply on face as a mask. Wait until dry. Rinse.

Meanwhile, with genetic engineering, carrots future is not only known as the icon source of vitamin A, may also be a source of calcium. Scientists in the US have been cultivated carrots which contain high levels of calcium.

Someone who eat this super carrot will acquire 41 percent more calcium than regular carrots. The scientists hope that regular consumption of carrots will prevent osteoporosis and bone disease similar.

“Carrots are grown in an environment that continues to be monitored and regulated by the special treatment,” said Professor Kendal Hirschi, one of the researchers from the Baylor School of Medicine in Texas, USA. However, to be ready and safe public consumption still needs further research.

During this time, the intake of calcium found in milk. However, not everyone can drink milk because of allergies and others refused because of the high fat content. Carrots are expected to be more flexible alternative.

Scientists manipulate one carrot gene so that calcium is more easily absorbed through the membrane-membrane cell. Although calcium levels are not up to 1000 milligrams, similar engineering in other plant species may be met according to the needs of the human body.

Orange color

Not this time engineered carrot. Orange color in carrots is currently the cultivation is done in the 17th century Dutch scientist who originally purple carrots engineered to be the orange color by color Dutch pride.

Genetic engineering has also been used to produce potatoes drier and absorb less oil when fried so that more healthy and crunchy. Broccoli also be the object of engineering in order to keep pounding sulforaphane efficacious cancer.

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