This warning is not just a plain warning, but the warning must be considered with the right. Many companies suffered disappointments and difficulties in their operations because not only keen in choosing the software to be used in the company. If you are one of the victims in one of select software, then you should continue reading this article.

As it is known that software providers can be categorized into 2 groups. Group one is the group of new graduates who are trying and looking for a job to become a programmer. Therefore, their services are very cheap and easy ditekak-buckling and according to us. We are indeed happy at the beginning but, as we know many things Internal and external that can cause everything in the company turned a hundred degrees with pesaingan, tax policy, added the machine, he added HR and things can change and make the software that we use is not flexible anymore.

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This is just the dynamics of internal and external conditions. Then, what happens in reality when we want our software up grade and repair, the programmers are no longer working as a programmer. Even still as a programmer, he did not have enough time in helping us to up grade software. Because the programmer has been unable to serve customers who are severely limited.

The second group is we’re using accounting software from specific vendors whose prices for mercy expensive. It makes us hard, especially when the budget for the purchase of the software was very thin. So that made us cancel the use of the software. These groups often act professionally, and rates are adjusted accordingly. As well as a company that had pretty much work team.

Then? Do we stop here by not using any software? Of course not! It is important a piece of software in our company because the software is very helpful information technology companies in their policy, strategy and investment policy or lines of credit to the financial institution. Imagine if we did not have any financial reports? Information on how able we are to do a re-payment to the bank if it is wanted to raise capital. Similarly, the company’s performance is measured from where if there is no financial reports. In Indonesia there are still many companies, especially family businesses is quite simple to count how many buy and sell how then can take profit. Never calculating vehicle depreciation, depreciation of buildings, machinery and so on. Similarly, in detail never count the cost. If you have this? Of course, the business quickly go bankrupt.

Software is very important and therefore choose the right vendor. Although Rada is no charge but they can be entered into the books as an investment. Why should choose the second group in choosing software. Consideration is :

  1. The software company has a working group that is well organized, so that the technical assistance to do well too.
  2. The software company with legal status have a long life compared with that individual.
  3. The service is quite professional and will soon serve if something happens to the software.
  4. Their products have the brand and has been tested and used by many companies without a problem.
  5. If you want a modification can be done and adjust business processes in the company.

So you should choose a company / software vendors who own age in operation and has many uses. If we still stripped to the complicated business, do not be afraid, because there are consultants who can perform complex analysis of the business field. Consultants can help design the company’s management system to be tailored to the features of the software. Therefore, a steady start by selecting qualified vendors. Do not rely on an individual programmer. As well as the start concentrating on the financial statements, the accuracy of the stock, trade receivables, trade payables and other important company. Well, I hope this article helps the reader.