Best Fitness App To Keep Fit

Best Fitness App To Keep Fit

The best applications on the iPhone to keep in shape without going to the gym.

Almost no one has the time to spend a couple of hours in the gym, even on alternate days, and make a sport without a personal trainer is not very gratifying we get tired, but actually we do not know if we are doing well, we have already achieved some results or if we are simply wasting the precious time that we invest in another way.

This iPhone app is the best for those who do not like to do outdoor activities. You can stay comfortably at home and use this app in some relaxation or just as soon as you find a hole in an hour. IFitness is available on a catalog of over 300 exercises all accompanied by pictures and videos that explain exactly how to perform the exercise correctly. Do you want to lose weight fast, you want to get into a dress that you keep in the closet for months waiting for the zip able to close completely Follow one of 20 routine developed by fitness experts and saves all the progress on your device. Cost € 0.79
Calorie counter

App really complete that allows to control our diet, keeping an eye on the amount of calories you eat. Very interesting database that includes many foods. Free.
Yoga Stretch

A healthy mind in a healthy body, here is the application that relieves the physical tension but also mental. The free version allows you to practice the main yoga poses, improving balance and posture. The full version, however, includes a number of advantages that will make you explore 360 degree world of yoga. Free lite version.
miCoach (Free)

And ‘the App directly developed by Adidas that turns your phone into a personal trainer. miCoah using GPS and transmits audible coaching in real time and directly to your ear to guide you through training zones are easy to understand. Just choose a workout plan and a sport, to record and share your progress. Free.
Strava Cycling

You have a passion for cycling Extravagance is the free iPhone app that lets you keep track of the location and many other useful information. The mother, who works with GPS tracking, they will list the recommended routes near the detected position. Free.

A free application to discover the world of Pilates with a teacher who will guide you to discover this discipline through a collection of videos that will explain in detail exercises and positions. Free.

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