Benefits and crescentia cujete Fruit for Health Benefits

Fruit crescentia cujete looks like fruit maja but the size is much larger. Crescentia cujete comes from American territory you can find in the area of Mojokerto, Central Java. This fruit became a mascot or symbol Mojokerto. Crescentia cujete fruit is not suitable for direct consumption, like other fruits are not sweet for bitter alias. That is why the fruit is more often processed into herbal medicine for the treatment of traditional body.

Crescentia cujete fruit contains a lot of nutrients, namely magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin E, C, E, saponins, and flavonoids. Based on all the minerals and vitamins, it is no wonder again if the green fruit is very suitable to nourish your body. You can memgonsumsi this fruit with reprocessed and then added natural honey to be more comfortable when consumed.

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So that no one in understanding the benefits and efficacy of fruit crescentia cujete, we give detailed explanations about some uses of this fruit for your health. Here is the information.

1. Strengthening the immune

Efficacy crescentia cujete The first is a fruit that can strengthen your immune system. A strong immune will keep your body protected from bacteria and viruses that cause disease in the body.

2. Anti-oxidants

Efficacy crescentia cujete also nice to be a natural anti-oxidant fruit. This fruit has vitamin C that can be used as a protective body from the effects of free radicals. Your body is not exposed to any negative effects.

3. Digestion

Efficacy crescentia cujete for digestion that is as a food that will help the body in the digestive system. This fruit contains fiber, the compound is best for digestion in the work.

4. Overcoming hypertension

Efficacy crescentia cujete also able to treat hypertension. This fruit contains compounds that will not affect the blood pressure in your body. Instead, hypertension can be prevented by eating this fruit.

5. Drug diarrhea

Diseases that can be overcome by using fruit crescentia cujete of diarrhea. Natural ingredient contained in these fruits contain many nutrients that will repel germs that cause diarrhea in your digestive tract.

6. Relieves Asthma

People with asthma can use fruit crescentia cujete to relieve asthma relapse. This fruit has compounds that can nourish breathing, including in addressing some respiratory diseases.

7. Smooth urinary

Crescentia cujete which further benefits that healthy urinary tract by making it more smoothly. Noncurrent urinary tract usually caused due to health problems caused by bacteria that enter into it. This fruit can be anti germs to overcome.

8. Lowering fever heat

Crescentia cujete fruit will help your body to cope with a fever because this fruit has a natural antipyretic properties for the body. You can give these fruits mixed with other materials to dissipate the heat.

9. Good for stomach

Crescentia cujete fruit taste is bitter but it will nourish your digestive organs, one of which is the stomach. The fruit is not akanb membahayakn gastric acidity level that does not cause ulcers.

10. ulcer medicine

For those of you who already have the disease and acute ulcer can be treated with crescentia cujete fruit. Efficacy of this fruit with all the content of the compound is suitable to cope with your ulcer disease.

In addition to the benefits and efficacy of fruit 10 crescentia cujete to health, there is another 5 other benefits of this fruit you need to know. Here are other benefits:

5 Benefits and Other Benefits crescentia cujete Fruit:

  1. Bronchitis disease drug
  2. Overcoming the flu
  3. cough
  4. heal wounds
  5. Healthy bones and teeth

That’s 15 pieces crescentia cujete benefits and efficacy of health you need to know. May be useful to add to your knowledge in maintaining health by utilizing the properties of the fruit that is healthy too. A healthy lifestyle will be more profitable in the future, because of health today is a costly thing. Good luck.