Apple Music Free On Android For 3 Months

Apple Music Free On Android For 3 Months

Apple Music, today, is a free trial on the Android device for three months after which you can subscribe to the regular subscription music service streaming of Apple.

Cupertino has opted for this aggressive strategy just thinking about numbers: if the goal is to become the alternative to Spotify, which runs on any platform, it is clear that we must attack the most used operating system, namely Android, which runs on 1, 4 billion devices in the world.

Apple Music is available, so even in the Google Play Store, including Italy. It works the same way as the iOS platform: users have the opportunity to try the service for three months, and for those who decide to subscribe the cost is 9.99 € (classic) and EUR 14.99 (family, you can attach up to six accounts per month) in line with Spotify.

Apple Music for Android is almost identical in appearance to the version for iOS, but incorporates some design conventions of Android, such as the menu ‘Navigation Drawer’ in the upper left. With slight changes to the graphics aside, the experience of using Apple Music on Android does not change from that available to customers iOS.

Just as it does on iOS, Apple also on Android Music will be presented without a subscription “free” with advertising, even here in style Spotify. Here, however, Apple has not wanted to arrive.
Apple Music: recapitulate

Apple Music allows you to play streaming or offline, fishing both from the personal archives of users both from a catalog of thirty million songs.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not give the opportunity to listen to songs for free in exchange for a commercial break after some piece heard. Research and listening to the songs can only be made from the paid version, but there is still a chance to hear some radio free without a subscription.

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