App Health, The Most Useful To Have On Your Smartphone

App Health, The Most Useful To Have On Your Smartphone

There is nothing now that will not be scanned and managed by an application on smartphones. Apps tend to give us a hand on many fronts, but often make us dependent on our phones. When we think of health, however, let us remember first of wellness and physical activity, which is why today we want to tell a number of very useful app that you should definitely have on our smartphones.

App for the physical

The monitoring of physical activity is one of the most popular sections for excellence in most of the app dedicated to health. But let’s start with one of the most comprehensive dedicated to training. It’s called FitBit and serves as a pedometer, calculates the intensity of the activity, distance traveled, calories burned and all without ever using the GPS. It includes many activities and functions, and those that are missing can be entered manually. Fitbit is also the advantage of allowing you to place the food consumed by a large database and you can also adjust the amount of water consumed daily.

Another application is very efficient for the welfare Noom: record physical activity using the phone’s sensors, GPS or Bluetooth cardiometro. It also calculates the distance, calories and speed and allows you to enter all the information relating to the acceptance of foods. Also this app has an extensive catalog of food divided into three groups: light, medium and heavy. The database contains foods from all over the world and you can scan the product bar code.

App to monitor sleep

The doctor I will have said many times how important it is to rest well. Sleepbot application is perfect for lots of information on the progress of your sleep, in practice, how and how much rest the night, and it does so through the sensors recording the movements performed during the night. In addition, this app uses the microphone to record and analyze the sounds that issue while you sleep. Alternatively you can download an application very similar called Sleep Talk Recorder that records the night and has a function that is able to recognize sounds and record them. You’ll probably find if you snore or talk in their sleep, interesting is not it?

App that reminds you to take pills

How many times you happen to have to take a pill or a drug and forget about it? There are many applications that will remind you as in the case of iPill app developed for Apple environment that reminds you with an alarm to have to hang your medications. It is also equipped with a function that with a simple button allows you to call an emergency number in case of illness. Alternatively there Pill reminder, in English but very intuitive, great to control therapies.

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