IdeaBox allows you to effortlessly create and expand your ideas on the go. It Doesn’t matter if it’s during the night, waiting at the bus stop, or sitting on the toilet bowl. Ideabox will be your bestfriend during those moments! With IdeaBox all your ideas will be organized in an easy to access app. So next time your in the shower and come up with that brilliant idea make sure you have IdeaBox. (We are not liable for any water damaged phones😜)

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This is the part where you can start hammering down on the ideas and expanding them to something more than just a spark in your brain. With a touch you can start describing your million dollar ideas by filling out the most important questions and taking your idea through the necessary steps of becoming the next successful startup or business. So ditch those loose papers and bar napkins and make way for the most simple, effective, and fun app that will help you kickstart your next business endeavours. IdeaBox is the best investment anyone can make!