7 things you did years ago to the brand new mobile and now they are nonsense

brand new mobile

The telephony sector has changed completely in a relatively short period of time, and with it, the way we use our mobile. The things we used to do with cell phones as usual, now might be unnecessary and absurd, whereas what we do today, only a few years ago would be unimaginable.

An example we have in the form of brand new mobile: while years ago, served with copy our contacts, photos and music to a card, now we have to restore applications, data, email accounts, calendars, configurations … In addition, the times Have changed so much that, what we thought before was not more than telephony, now they are simply nonsense that we have all done once. Here are some of the most repeated ones.

Search preinstalled games

Whether it was the Tetrix, the Pong or the mythical Snake, the pre-installed games of your new mobile were a source of fun and a good way to kill time in free time. To this day, however, mobile phones that include preinstalled games can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

It is curious to see how something so appreciated by users of yesteryear, would now be considered bloatware, and would result in numerous user criticisms towards manufacturers.

Listen to ringtones again and again

After the arrival of polyphonic melodies to mobiles, all manufacturers introduced their own distinctive ringtones, such as Nokia Tune or Motorola Hello Moto. We, of course, as users surprised by how far the telephony had gone, we went through the long list of songs until we found the perfect tone, and after selecting it, look forward to receiving a call to hear the new tone in front of everyone.

Make missed calls for everything

There are few things in the world as universal as the missed calls. Those who have lived through the pre-WhatsApp era know that this method was one of the most economical and simple forms of communication, but at the same time they provided more information to the audience than many of us could imagine today.

Test the flashlight

Buying a new phone a few years ago, just like now, meant one thing: to have the latest technology at our disposal. Of course, what are now iris readers and modules that adhere to the back of the smartphone, before was an LED light next to the camera, which acted as a flashlight. And, of course, there we were, ready to blind anyone who got in our way, thanks to the flashlight of our brand new device.

Create music with dialer tones

The phone dialer of our cell phone sounded certain concrete sounds that, for us, flooded by the happiness that supposes brand new mobile, was transformed into a professional piano full of possibilities. Whether it was the Happy Birthday song, or the Titanic movie, we were willing to spend the necessary hours to learn the sequence of keys to perfection.

Pass any document by infrared

Transfers through “infrared” had a short life in the telephone sector due to the arrival of Bluetooth. Even so, those of us who could enjoy this innovative technology, we could not stop passing photos, music and videos from one mobile to another using this fantastic-and slow-wireless system.

Put music on hold in calls

Leaving aside that voice calls are becoming less common, only a few years ago users intended to make this method of communication even more tedious by setting our favorite song as a ring tone. In addition, setting these tones cost us money.

Indeed, all the things mentioned above may seem foolish at this point. Even so, in the midst of so much innovation and technology that seeks to revolutionize the sector, it never hurts to look back to remember how our beginnings with a mobile in the hands, and see where all the features and options that we can today Enjoy on our smartphones.

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