7 Ideas That Demonstrate Your Passion For Interior Decoration

7 Ideas That Demonstrate Your Passion For Interior Decoration

How to prove your passion for interior decoration How to show love behind a concept behind the continuous effort to chase their own sensory satisfaction through the choice of an addition, a style, a form, a design

Sometimes assemble a set of objects, perhaps with a common design language, it does not tell with the necessary depth transport with whom we knew and wanted to create a unique and pleasant setting.

But a key to creating emotional that impact, both with ourselves and with others http://www.indolexa.com, often is the search for a detail that stands out on the rest and knows you describe in the most right.

Let’s look at seven examples that will hopefully clarify the concept and give you inspiration.

Present well your house with the entrance

It is the first place you see when you enter the house, it is the business card for anyone who comes to visit the entrance.

From here you can begin ideally to demonstrate our passion for the house, for the furnishings. To make the most of this space should be able to combine a style (the furniture and the materials), with a good capacity for rationalization of space and arrangement of elements, so as to instill a satisfying sense of order and harmony.

The whole house will benefit from the first impression obtained through a carefully designed input

Uses pastel colors to cool environments

The concept of freshness is achieved making the most of the brightness of an environment, for this reason, very often, is the union between light and reflective colors, simple surfaces and weighted occupation of space which makes it possible to perceive this feeling.

There are places in the house where it is most necessary to give a strong character to furniture, in others the reverse is appropriate, perhaps looking less clear shapes, delicate colors to express a satisfying sense of serenity and relaxation, places where you need to breathe the spaces and the freshness of a beautiful sunny day. The kitchen, however, is one of these environments.


In addition to keeping the windows closed during the hottest hours of the day, a precious help to protect yourself from the summer heat can supply you the inner tents. Any imagination and the fabric you choose, remember that you are to be preferred in clear and opaque colors, in order to shield and hold the heat from the glass surfaces.

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