Fast Fashion, The First Temporary Museum Of Fashion In Rotterdam

Fast Fashion, The First Temporary Museum Of Fashion In Rotterdam

Scostumista: Fast Fashion, the first temporary museum of fashion in Rotterdam. If from now until May you happen to take a ride in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam opened the first museum of fashion pop-up to ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut. The Temporary Fashion Museum displays more than 500 pieces of designers and brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and there is a great shop offering clothes of Dutch designers such as Frans Lung and Viktor & Rolf. You can also wear, borrow, buy or exchange clothes. Also here you will learn to embroider, or even to design and make a head or simply to modify or repair it.

From 13 September 2015 to ‘May 8, 2016, the’ Het Nieuwe Instituut turns into a fashion museum temporary. From the foyer to the wardrobe, and a reading room, exhibition galleries to ‘auditorium, this temporary museum of fashion will live the whole institution.

The contemporary age is characterized by technological, economic, cultural and social radicals. Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to illuminate and map a rapidly changing world and at the same time encourage the discussion of topics related to the vast field of design. All activities of the Institute are based on the principles of design and innovation – two concepts linked with changing value systems and conflicts. Fashion has quietly renewed the idea of ??renewal constantly selling the past as a future, so framing the current reality. This contrasts sharply with the idea that the renewal is always born from technological innovation. Het Nieuwe Instituut has decided to pay special attention to this form of renewal.

Het Nieuwe Instituut organizes exhibitions, conferences and scholarships, conducts research and development, and public reports on the results of its projects. Artistic director of the Fashion Museum is temporary Guus Beumer. Sociologist by profession, Beumer is director of Het Nieuwe Instituut since January 2013. In 1980 he was a journalist, among many for magazines such as Avenue, Marie-Claire and HP-De Tijd, and in 1990 he was art director of the fashion label Orson + Bodil and SO. Since 2005 he was head of Marres: House of Contemporary Culture and Office Europe / Naim, both located in Maastricht. L ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut was born January 1, 2013 by the merger of the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Premsela: the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion; Virtueel Platform and the institution of the “e-culture” and knowledge.

Apple Music Free On Android For 3 Months

Apple Music Free On Android For 3 Months

Apple Music, today, is a free trial on the Android device for three months after which you can subscribe to the regular subscription music service streaming of Apple.

Cupertino has opted for this aggressive strategy just thinking about numbers: if the goal is to become the alternative to Spotify, which runs on any platform, it is clear that we must attack the most used operating system, namely Android, which runs on 1, 4 billion devices in the world.

Apple Music is available, so even in the Google Play Store, including Italy. It works the same way as the iOS platform: users have the opportunity to try the service for three months, and for those who decide to subscribe the cost is 9.99 € (classic) and EUR 14.99 (family, you can attach up to six accounts per month) in line with Spotify.

Apple Music for Android is almost identical in appearance to the version for iOS, but incorporates some design conventions of Android, such as the menu ‘Navigation Drawer’ in the upper left. With slight changes to the graphics aside, the experience of using Apple Music on Android does not change from that available to customers iOS.

Just as it does on iOS, Apple also on Android Music will be presented without a subscription “free” with advertising, even here in style Spotify. Here, however, Apple has not wanted to arrive.
Apple Music: recapitulate

Apple Music allows you to play streaming or offline, fishing both from the personal archives of users both from a catalog of thirty million songs.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not give the opportunity to listen to songs for free in exchange for a commercial break after some piece heard. Research and listening to the songs can only be made from the paid version, but there is still a chance to hear some radio free without a subscription.

Inside the boundless smartphone market, there is an Android device to medium-high and, in super-offer on Gearbest, look at 257.89 dollars, the equivalent of about € 241 at current exchange rates is the Xiaomi Mi4C, released last September and – the proof of facts – one of the best products in its class, as it provides high-level specifications that are usually found on much more expensive.

How to know who stopped following me on Twitter (2017)

How to know who has stopped following you on Twitter

Follow-unfollow is one of the oldest and most useful techniques for gaining followers on social networks. The profile follows you, you follow him back and, without warning, in a day or a couple of hours, stop following you. But of course, we can not know who he was, and it would be fair to know who stopped following you so that he could stop following you, right? That is what we are going to see in this article, how to know who has stopped following you on Twitter.

We have already seen how to find out who has stopped following you on Instagram, and the performance for Twitter is exactly the same. The application that we are going to show you looks at the people who follow and those who follow you, and check which ones match. If there is someone you follow and who does not follow you back, it will show you and you can stop following if you think it appropriate. That said, let’s go to the mess.

How to know who does not follow you on Twitter

To test this article I decided to use my own Twitter profile. The application we are going to use is Crowdfire, which allows us to check who follows us on Twitter, who does not follow us, recent unfollowers and those who have followed us recently. We simply have to download the application and log in with our Twitter account.

Once we have done it we will have to click on the button of three lines that is in the upper left. There we will access all the options offered by Crowdfire. As you see we are shown a series of options, but without a doubt, the one that interests us the most is the first: “Non-Followers”. If we click there we will see what accounts we follow and do not follow us back, and we can stop following them if we consider relevant.

The other option that may be useful is the “Recent Unfollowers”. If we see that our number of followers has dropped suddenly, from that option we can see who has been the one who has stopped following us on Twitter and return the unfollow if we want. As you see, it is very easy to have more control in your Twitter account, and the best thing is that the application is free, so do not hesitate to download it and check the status of your Twitter profile.

Are there many people who do not follow us back?

WhatsApp comes with updates for iOS you’ve been waiting for

Send  whatsapp messages without internet

WhatsApp continues to do its bit to keep its place as the most widely used instant messaging application in the world. The latest update for WhatsApp for iOS adds the ability to queue messages in case a user goes offline, so they can be sent once they return to the Internet. The update also brings a redesigned storage usage screen, which will allow users to better manage their phone’s storage. As well as the possibility of sharing 30 photos or videos at one time.

This time, two WhatsApp updates are especially useful for iOS users, as Android users have been living with them for a long time.

WhatsApp enhancements for iOS

For iOS users the ability to queue messages when the phone is offline means they will not get an alert saying that the message has not been delivered or that they will have to open the application to write them again. Instead, the message is sent as soon as your Internet connection is back without any action being required.

This feature is especially favorable for those who live in places where the Internet connection is often unstable. As for the storage screen, this is an option had been available on Android, but that from now on allow iOS users to better understand how to clean the space of your iPhone.

To do this, go to Settings> Data usage and storage> Use storage and then see what messages, groups, etc. take up more space. They can touch messages, chats that are taking up a lot of space, and simply delete them to free up some space on your phone.

WhatsApp update for iOS

Finally, the update also offers the ability to send 30 photos and videos at once. So if you are one of those who like to send lots of photos to WhatsApp groups at once then the update should bring you some joy. WhatsApp iOS version update is 91.2 MB in size and ready to be downloaded from the App Store.

As has been reported in the medium, WhatsApp is expected to introduce services as well, where users will receive messages, alerts from their banks or from an e-commerce portal in the application itself.

GIPHY already allows to store our favorite GIFs in the Gallery


If animated GIFs and memes are recurring elements in your social networks and communication applications, we are convinced that you will know the GIPHY application. If it is not your case, take a look because we assure you that you will love it.

This application is about a huge database in which you can easily find almost any meme that goes through your head. By clicking on any of these, you can share it in WhatsApp, Twitter or any other social network and, with the new update, you can also save them in the Gallery of your terminal, as we are informed from Phone Arena.

The procedure is so simple as to share it through any application. After clicking on the meme or GIF to share, simply search the Share menu, from which you will find a download button. Clicking on it will have the file at our disposal.


In this way, the files will be available in a specific folder created in your gallery, from which you can share them as many times as you want. It is true that some apps like Telegram or Twitter allow you to look for such files from the interface itself, but others like WhatsApp or Google’s GBoard still do not have this support, although it is true that the first and incorporates some betas.

By the way, we remind you that the creators of this application have also developed GIPHY Cam, an application with which we ourselves will be the ones who create the GIFs through the camera of our own terminal, editing them and adding some elements as if it were a photograph.

At the moment, these are all the news that incorporates the app. They may seem few, and they are, but this tool was already taking in getting as popular an application as it is, so it was worth creating an update.

Have you tried GIPHY? How about?

Using Facebook on your mobile device without installing the application


Facebook is the most used social network in the world, it is no secret. The problem is that, despite having that range, their mobile applications are worse than a kick in the back, and consume a huge amount of resources, spend the battery and make our phone worse. It’s something we all know, and in fact the server that writes these lines has already done the experiment of using the mobile version of Facebook. Today we are going to teach you in video what our experience has been and how to do it.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are what are called “vampire applications”. They consume resources from our device even when we are not using them. That’s why we decided to uninstall both applications and test the mobile version. How can you use Facebook without installing the application? Well, by opening your browser and accessing Easy and simple. Do you want to see what the change is like? Well inside video.

As you can see, the web version has nothing to envy the mobile app. If you do not want to have to be opening the browser every time you want to access Facebook, you simply have to add a shortcut on your desktop. So, every time you want to access Facebook you save yourself a couple of steps. What is the problem? That Facebook has covered the function of Messenger, so you can not send messages – although there is a trick.

When you click on the Messenger icon you will be taken to Google Play for download, but that is not what we want. Is more simple. If you have a message that responds, you just have to tell your browser to show you the computer version, and you can access Messenger and respond to your messages. It has no greater mystery. If you want to notice a good improvement in the performance of your terminal, go ahead and uninstall Facebook, you will see what change.

How do you like to browse Facebook?

You will no longer be able to fool anyone, WhatsApp will tell you where you are in real time

Best tricks invisible whatsapp android hour connection

WhatsApp is luckily or unfortunately, the most used messaging application worldwide. In our country – Spain – is practically the only one that is used, since Telegram despite being quite superior, does not manage to reach the download figures of WhatsApp.

We all know that WhatsApp has an option for your contacts to know that you have read their messages but you do not feel like answering them and now you want to go a little further. The real-time location will soon become a reality in WhatsApp, and we still do not understand what sense it has.

WhatsApp will tell you where you are in real time

Best invisible whatsapp tricks android

As we read in Engadget WhatsApp is testing a beta on Android and iOS with this feature. The operation is quite simple, since it basically does what we have told you.

For 1, 2 or 5 minutes, WhatsApp will tell you what your exact location is in real time. It is curious that this function, for the moment, will only be enabled in groups, so you should not fear for individual chats. As expected, you can disable this feature, otherwise it would be a serious – and illegal – attack to the users of the application.

We assume that the meaning of this measure is to provide members of a group with your location, in case you want to stay with them at a specific point. For the moment, if it can be disabled and if it is reduced to groups it should not give too many problems.

However, keep an eye out for updates to WhatsApp, as we would not be surprised if updating this option will be activated by default and your location will be shared without you being aware of it.

And you, what do you think of WhatsApp implement this new option in Android and iOS?